The Banana Ball craze has completely engulfed the fans across the United States of America. The modernized and unique version of baseball has enjoyed a large and consistent fan following and things only seem to be growing faster.

The popularity of the sports and the team Savannah Bananas has reached its pinnacle and people flock the stadiums in huge numbers to get a taste of sports with some exhilarating entertainment.

Flaming bat steals the show


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The Savannah Bananas contingent have set foot for a world tour after their meteoric rise in popularity all over. The game is not known for its baseball but the on field antics, dances and unusually unique rules. There is a rule in the game that allows a member in the ground to have an effect on the result. It is these very small but significant changes that make the sport reach such a wider scope of audience.

Before beginning their exhibition game and giving the fans a complete entertainment bonanza, the Savannah Bananas performed a now famous ritual that began not too long ago. They lit a baseball bat on fire and a team member of the Savannah’s, Alex Ziegler, took the lit baseball bat and balanced it with just his mouth.

The internet celebrity did the difficult task with utmost ease and also performed a few bat tricks for the crowd, giving them complete value for their money. Alex then proceeded to take the first pitch with the bat still on fire and managed to get a sweet connection to his swing too.

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Banana Ball is here to stay

The Savannah Bananas have become a hugely popular contingent with the public and especially the internet. Filled with internet sensations and celebrities, the sport attracted and garnered several reactions from the users online. Let’s take a look at what they had to say about Banana Ball.

This user tagged their friends and mentioned that watching a Banana Ball game is on their bucket list.

The user here was impressed with Alex’s balancing act.

This user had some words of caution for the player after watching his antics with the fiery bat.

Joe Mama shared a video from the game night, giving a glimpse of the entertainment!


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Joe Mama once again shared a clip of the Banana Ball action that has taken the world by storm.


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The popularity of Banana Ball will only rise further with it entering into the mainstream media and audience. The strategies deployed to market the game and make it more fans/people inclusive has worked wonders and the stakeholders are now enjoying a period of great growth.

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