VIDEO: YouTuber Attempting to Prank a Man by Asking for a Kiss Receives a Boxing Uppercut to the Face

Published 10/17/2023, 12:15 PM EDT

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YouTube is the primary source of content in today’s world of the internet. The platform has enabled people to become famous from merely sitting in their rooms and becoming overnight sensations. It has given people a platform to get creative with their content and earn money.

While some sit at home, others venture out on the streets and come up with different styles to create content. One such style is prank videos, where the hosts play a prank on people in the street. Some times they make for great and hilarious viewing, other times they end up horribly for the prankster.

YouTuber gets a brutal boxing move in pursuit of a prank


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That is exactly what happened to a YouTube prankster, who tried to prank the wrong person and almost got knocked out by a boxing move. Uploaded on X by the very popular page ‘Fight Mate’, a video clip showed a YouTuber venturing on the streets in the pursuit of a prank.

The prankster asked two men if they would be his first kiss. His line of questions surprised the two men, and they did not seem amused at all. One man says “What?” when asked that question and the other said “If you kiss me, I’m not going to have a problem with it, I’m going to enjoy it.” He stopped his sentence there, and the YouTuber leaned in to kiss him.


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The man instantly dished out an uppercut that would make a boxing coach proud. The man had no way to dodge it and got it hit in the face quite hard.

Internet has mixed reactions to the prank

The man in the end pulled a fast one on the prankster and gave him a taste of his own medicine. Netizens once again had mixed emotions about the whole video. Here is a look at some of the top comments made.

Jackk shared an image to describe his feelings about the video.

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The Green Prince called it fair play.

This user was mighty impressed with the man’s technique.

The user called his uppercut technique flawless.


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This user said at the end, the YouTuber got the content he needed.


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The man and his elite boxing skills certainly won the hearts of users online. The prankster, too, paid a heavy price to make content that can go viral.

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