There seems to be no end to the number of bull run events and the accidents that follow. Bull run, a traditional event with cultural heritage, has been a topic of much discussion over the past few years.

The people involved strongly advocate against banning or abolishing the sport despite its dangers to human life. If that were to happen, it would mean a considerable part of culture would vanish, is what the people against the ban argue. Despite its dangers, people flock to the stadiums and rush to participate in events like bullfights and bull runs.

Bull gets the better of a woman in a brutal takedown


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It was during one such bullfight event that a woman fell prey to the might of the animal, leaving onlookers and the other participants in complete shock. Uploaded on Twitter, now X, by the page ‘Best Clips,’ the video showed participants standing in a semi-circle as a raging bull was unleashed towards them. The bull wasted no time and charged towards them. The woman was alone on the right side, while the three others were closer to each other.

Seeing her standing alone, it charged towards her and smashed her in the torso with full force. The impact was so brutal that it immediately knocked the woman out. It continued to run after people as she lay motionless on the floor.

The anchor of the event declared the winner at the end and requested everyone to empty the arena quickly. The woman, however, was still knocked out, and people were struggling to get her out with the raging bull near them.

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Netizens react to unfortunate KO

The deadly hit by the bull was a throwback to a few days ago when a similar video emerged. The clip showed a woman running with all her might to escape a bull during a bull run event. She almost made it to safety, but the animal’s agility meant that there was no means to escape at all.

Netizens, time and again, have failed to understand why people willingly participate in events like these. Here are some of their reactions.

Abbas imagined what had happened to the lady in the end.

This user just couldn’t understand the point of these events.

Zubaer applauded her courage and said he was proud of her.

This user wondered why the woman just stood there and didn’t move.


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Caveman couldn’t believe they waited for the event to get over and only then retrieved her.


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Bull runs, bullfights, or anything involving going up against a wild animal is a recipe for disaster. The woman found out exactly why people are against the dangerous activity, and incidents like these only make the case for a ban stronger. What are your thoughts about this incident? Let us know in the comment section below!

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