Bullfighting has been a tradition in certain cities. But teasing an animal is never a good idea, however, some people still resort to this practice due to sheer ignorance of the risks involved.

In a recent video uploaded on Twitter, now X, an individual tried to mess with a free, walking bull and had to instantly pay for his actions. The bull did not spare him and unleashed its wrath onto him.

A bull delivering instant karma


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The video online shows two bulls walking freely at some event in the city. However, some people are peeking at them from a safe distance.  Suddenly we see an individual, grabbing the horn of one of the bulls, turning this into a rage moment for the animal. After this, the muscular animal turns into a fully angry mode predator. The event that was looking calm, turned into a dangerous situation. The bull targets its prey who is hiding inside a house with just some kind of board for defence.

The board which the individual was holding seemed to save him. Ultimately, the bull barges in and delivers the punishment to the individual for his thoughtless provocation. People immediately rushed to the scene to save the guy. However, there are possibilities of injuries as the bull was in the house and no one could stop the animal.

A similar bizarre video is available online where a crowd was standing still and a bull was running around. 

Yes, you heard right, there is a video where a bull runs free and a bunch of people just stand there to confront it. However, things go positive as the bull did not hit anyone, but it was surely a dangerous activity to perform.

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After the video of the muscular bull, delivering the punishment and barging into the house, went online it bagged a lot of reactions.

Reactions to the instant punishment

People on social media had a very diverse set of opinions about this particular incident.

This comment reflects on the brutal horns that were injected into the individual.

This comment mentions the events that involve a wild animal. It is always dangerous and can lead to severe consequences.

This comment reflects on the intensity of the situation and how quickly the tables turned.

This comment reflects the choice that the individual made.


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This comment points to the instant karma that gets delivered by the bull.


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There are many comments that contain a funny tone, however, it is crucial to note that the attack could be really serious. A much wider issue to be discussed should be about the dangers involved in these kinds of sports and whether is it really worth trying.

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