Animal cruelty is an act of grave sin and must be condoned by all corners of the world. The beautiful country of Spain of late has conjured up a lot of negativity in its name, with several viral videos showing the brutality and cruelty bulls face in their country.

Bullfighting as a sport holds great historical and cultural significance in Spanish culture. It is a practice passed down from medieval times and continues largely even today.

Bull suffers at the cost of human happiness


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A user on Twitter (now X) by the name ‘Figen’ uploaded a video that showed the horrible treatment of bulls in Spain and how people relished their suffering. The video was originally shared by ‘PACMA’ a local group that defends the rights of animals, the environment, and people. It showed a bull, with its horns blazing with fire and a rope tied around its neck.

The poor bull rushed towards a tree on the side and stopped in its tracks, in hopes of dousing the fire. It looked in agonizing pain as it frantically paced across the street, with loud cheers and screams of people in the background.

A couple of men sprung up from behind and pulled the poor bull by its tail and forced it to move ahead. They pulled the ropes around its neck and horns and led onto a path that was filled with hundreds of people, as they watched the cruelty unfold.

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Huge outcry after video goes viral

Just a few days ago, tennis prodigy and future superstar Carlos Alcaraz was slammed by PETA and netizens for attending a bullfight event after his exit from the US Open. The Wimbledon title holder crashed out of the tournament after his loss to Daniil Medvedev.

PETA made its stance on the issue quite clear and posted a message on its Twitter (now X) account.

The internet too was devastated at the visuals they watched in the video. Let us take a look at what some of them had to say about the cruelty.

Zunair Khan wondered if we were living in the stone age or the 21st century.

This user just could not understand what was going on in the video.

Carthick called the whole incident the worst thing that could possibly happen.

This user was left heartbroken after watching the video.


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Sir Bud Fo called the whole incident disgusting and said it made his blood boil with anger.


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The cruelty of bulls in Spain and the legitimacy of bullfighting as a sport in the country is a topic of great contention. Activists have tried long and hard to stop the brutal act but have failed to reach a conclusive remedy.

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