Provoking wild animals is never a good idea. Especially if the wild animal is a raging bull. It’s common for bulls to be aggressive and easily provoked. The latest video added to Twitter, now X, shows exactly why you should stay away from them.

The video shows a woman standing with a piece of cloth in her hand. She waves the cloth towards the bull, which provokes him. The bull charges towards the woman and slams her into the floor, leaving her unconscious.

A Matter of Life and Death for the Woman


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It’s never advisable to indulge in such kind of situations. One small mistake and the woman could have died. However, in Spain there is a tradition of a bullfight. It’s all done in a controlled environment. Moreover, the people involved there are professionals and have experience behind them. The woman in the video looks a complete amateur. She cannot even react quickly to avoid any damage. After a while, she gets rammed into the grill and then falls to the ground.

The people around also could not react in time to save the woman from any injury. Although it seems that no serious injury happened there. Things could have been a lot worse that expected. The woman could have easily sustained far more injuries. You cannot take risks against wild animals if you are untrained.

It’s Better to Be Safe Rather Than Sorry

There is an old saying which says it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. The woman in the video should feel happy about the outcome. Although no details of the injury are available, still the woman got lucky. Underestimating the power of a bull can sometimes backfire.

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The fans have also reacted to the video and shared their opinion as well.

Sean asks, is she dead?

One user feels she is definitely not ok after such an impact.

Lebronfan23 believes that the woman does not understand how bull runs work.

One user commented Oh man and looked rattled by the event.


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ThienJoker.bnb wants to know whether the woman was hospitalized after such a heavy collision.


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The whole incident has raised concern about the woman involved. However, the collision was such that she fell completely unconscious on the ground. Hopefully she doesn’t have any serious injuries and returns to normal life.

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