Cheerleading Club Treasurer Charged with Theft After $47,000 Goes Missing, Sparking Swift Investigation

Published 11/30/2023, 8:37 PM EST

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With a dark blow to cheerful prospects, a former treasurer found herself at the center of allegations, calling out an act of dishonesty. After leaving her job at the Garnet Valley Boosters Club in Pennsylvania, Kimberly Zoellner was caught in between accusations of stealing around $47,000. And with that update, an array of distress unleashed havoc in the cheerleading club. 

Reportedly, the 49-year-old faced claims of using the money for personal benefits, while her arrest followed. After she surrendered to the Delaware County officers, local authorities had to kickstart a vivid inquiry into land motives behind her act. Unveiling a puzzling investigation into the missing funds, they eventually found a lead in Venmo transactions. 

Former cheerleading staff held accountable for stealing 


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During her tenure, Zoellner had been wielding complete control over the cheerleading club’s financial reins, as mentioned by the management. While managing its TD Bank and Venmo accounts, she was also responsible for taking care of check disbursements. Regrettably, after her departure from the organization, shocking hints of possible thefts were noticed by the new employee. 

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Reporting her dubious activities spanning from November 2021 to June 2023, the stunned club member was apprehended over irregularities within their financial records. With an alarming discrepancy of over $31,000 catching the attention of the cheerleading heads, the situation prompted swift action, seeking legal help for its urgency, as per the Sun

While scrutinizing the cheerleading club’s finances, investigators stumbled upon an enigmatic entry labeled ‘Venmo Issues’. When checked for evidence, the data revealed all money transfers into the cheerleading club’s bank account, alongside listing the checks drawn by Zoellner herself. 

Legal inspection discloses stinging records 


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Subsequently, reports surfaced that Zoellner held an account at the same bank used by the club, making it easier for her to commit such a misdemeanor. While the total sum indicated a count of $93,000, astonishingly enough, the former employee’s checks amounted to $46,692. Finally, it became clear how the gaping hole of over $47,000 missing took place, calculated from her activity records. 

In a bid to unravel the mysterious disappearance of funds, Zoellner is now facing a litany of charges, including theft by unlawful taking and theft by deception. Additionally, she was also held under the impact of receiving stolen property. Despite the gravity of the situation, defense attorney Michael LaRosa contended that it was all a mistake. 


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Mentioning that it had transpired due to Venmo money erroneously entering the wrong account, LaRosa also ensured the full reimbursement was promptly executed. However, the legal battle that lay ahead for Kimberly Zoellner seemed full of hurdles, as the cheerleading club anticipated gaining closure after this financial caper.

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