Kimber Jones and Presley Everett are two exciting young cheerleaders. Both of them are high school teammates and have grown up together cheerleading. Currently, both are seniors at Frank Cox High School. Moreover, the sisters have looked for each other in the last three years.

Also, the sisters had the privilege of watching their elder sisters take center stage. Presley and Kimber will complete their high school this season itself. They plan to cheer in the college group, but nothing is concrete as of yet.

Cheerleading and Its Legacy


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Cheerleading has been more than just a fun activity for both the families. It has helped them to groove along nicely and face challenges together. While speaking to wtkr both the sisters gave their insights.

“We just know how to work together,” Everett noted. “We understand the cheer world and we’ve been doing it for so long that it’s just easy for us.” “It’s just been cool,” added Jones. “We’ve both become captains, we tried out together our freshman year… it’s just really cool.”

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Their careers are the latest addition to their family’s history. They remember their older sisters being cheerleaders and themselves becoming captains for the Falcons. Both sisters have become captains of the Cox squad this year, following in their footsteps.

“Watching them and then experiencing what they did, it’s really cool to watch overall and then see myself in their shoes,” Jones said.

“I’ve wanted to be like her ever since I was a baby,” said Everett of her older sister. “Just seeing her do it and see her passion for it, too, inspired me.” “Having someone there that you know and just relating through the tough times and the fun times and just getting to experience something, it honestly made us so much closer as siblings.When I was trying out for cheer all my four years, they could tell me not to worry about it because they got through all of it,” added Jones.


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Creating the Next Generation of Cheerleaders

Both Presley and Kimber now have the role of creating a new group of cheerleaders. Just like when they were young, they looked at their sisters. There are many juniors who look up to them and want to follow in the same path.

Cheerleaders are tough individuals, and it takes a lot of practice and athletic ability. Hopefully, the sisters can produce a next lot of cheerleaders. Let us know about your thoughts in the comments.


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