After a Death Defying Car Accident, Single Mother of 7 Children Creates a Historic Record in Scaling Mount Everest

Published 07/31/2023, 1:17 PM EDT

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They say you rarely get a second chance at life, but if you do, you better make it worthwhile! Jenn Drummond from Utah was granted a second chance at life after she escaped death in a horrifying car accident in 2018.

Authorities recreated the entire ordeal over 20 times but could not reach a possibility where she would survive.

From accident to accidental climber


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Speaking to the media back in 2018 after the fatal accident, Drummond recounted the entire episode and expressed her disbelief. She said to them, “I should have died….but I walked away pretty much unscathed. However, I kept getting a fever a few weeks later, and we found out that the seatbelt had actually slashed a breast implant. The joke is I got a new car, new boobs and a new lease of life.

Her positive attitude and strong mindset were visible back then itself. The manager of a financial service firm and mother to seven children, Jenn led a fairly ordinary life until the fateful day that changed her perspective on life. The near-death experience provided her with a new zest for life and she was keen on making it memorable and doing something she could be proud of.


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“I am living a life that everybody tells me I should be living, but I almost died and didn’t get to do all the things that I wanted to do. A lie that we tell ourselves is that we have all this time, but we don’t get to choose how we died. We only choose how we live,” said Jenn.

A new chapter begins


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In the quest to live a life worth remembering, Jenn decided to begin her journey in mountain climbing. She started her training and her eyes set on her first target, but after her son threw her a challenge, Jenn had two summits in mind. She hired a coach to train her during the pandemic, as she began her journey to the summits of Ama Dablam and Mount Everest in Nepal.

During her training, Jenn was thrown another challenge by her coach, to become the first woman to climb the seven-second summits and get a Guinness World Record. The challenge involves climbing the second-highest summits on each of the world’s seven continents. “They are harder than the first seven, they have never been done by a woman, seven continents, seven mountains, seven kids…sounds like a jackpot. I said let’s try it” she said.

Her journey to the top started in 2020, after Chile opened its borders during the pandemic and she completed the astounding feat in June 2023, after reaching the summit at Mount Logan in Canada.


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Just 5 years after the fatal accident, Jenn was now a Guinness World Record holder, an inspiration for millions and a beacon of hope. Jenn now spends her time motivating people to start successful businesses and leave a lasting legacy. Through her book Quit Proof: 7 Strategies for Life Goals & Business Success, her Seek Your Summit podcast, programs, and hallmark lectures, she chronicles her journey to success.

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