The cycling world is gearing up for a seismic transformation. With the ambitious ONE Cycling Super League, the cycling community has embarked on a pedal-powered revolution. Imagine an exhilarating blend of F1-style race calendars, a synergy of teams, organizers, and the UCI, and the creation of unprecedented revenue streams. Well, this might turn into a reality soon.

At the helm of this visionary initiative is the driving force of the Visma-Lease a Bike and the team manager of ONE, Richard Plugge. In a recent exclusive revelation, Plugge unveiled the groundbreaking plan to reshape the ever-dynamic world of cycling. As the anticipation builds amid the cycling community, let’s unravel how ONE Cycling charts a course towards the future.

ONE Cycling’s visionary super-league unveils grand plans for 2026 and beyond


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The wheels of change are turning faster than ever before. Richard Plugge shared the goals of ONE Cycling super-league, which the team plans to implement within 2026. They aim to induct a new company that would bring together teams, organizers, and the UCI. The proposal also involves strategically packaging the broadcast rights of smaller races and the marketing of athlete image rights.

In a recent interview conducted by Belgian De Tijd, Plugge shared a few details about ONE Cycling’s new plans. He claimed they are aiming towards “better defined” race calendars like Formula 1 has already done. Plugge took charge of his team back in 2012 while Rabobank sponsored it. He paved the way for new revenue streams by creating a platform for the business community around them, webshops, and fan club memberships.

But he also added, “far too little has happened in this regard in the last ten years…we don’t capitalize on our potential enough”, referring to the grounds of financial growth.

He emphasized more on the need to follow a “clear calendar with a limited number of races in which the best riders compete against each other.” Besides the same, it is also considered the grouping of media rights a necessity to make cycling a “24-hour media factory”. He stated, “Currently, major media companies are laughing at the disorganised way in which race organizations and teams negotiate over rights. It explains the peanuts we earn compared to football”.

Going beyond the peloton, ONE Cycling’s bold blueprint for a new era of cycling 

Plugge mentioned that the way fans react and shower their love for professional boxer Jake Paul or other celebrated athletes from different sports is not similar to the reaction professional cyclists receive from their fans. He added, “He (Jake Paul) gets surrounded by screaming young fans, those young people do not rush towards Jonas Vingegaard or other top riders. I want to change that.”


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Richard Plugge’s vision extends far beyond the peloton. He believes that races within the circuit, similar to the Tour of Flanders, offer a secure environment for growth. He is focussing on establishing a new company within cycling that unites teams and organizers to unlock untapped financial potential. Although ONE Cycling has put the project momentarily on hold, the anticipation and enthusiasm are heightened in the cycling community.

ONE Cycling does not just aim to redefine the sport. The team is waiting to craft a pulsating spectacle that transcends the traditional boundaries of professional cycling. 


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