⁩It is not always self-gain that drives humans to embark on exceptional expeditions. Sometimes, the urge to serve society too, plays as significant motivation. Today’s story about the West Sussex native Jonathan Holland tells an inspirational tale. Looking to bring in changes to society, the 54-year-old man from Sharpthorne has decided to ride 1000 miles on his bicycle to accumulate a significant amount of financial capital for the Motor Neuron Disease Association. 

With Holland trying to improve the quality of living for the patients suffering from the disease, the cycling realm has stood up in unison to salute this extraordinary achievement. Now, without further ado, let’s quickly dive deeper into the story and learn all the details below. 

Jonathan Holland set to embark on a humane cycling adventure


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According to reports, Holland is all set to commence his auspicious journey starting May 12 till May 25. He will be completing an area roughly about 1000 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Speaking about his incredible aspiration, Holland revealed a couple of inspirations behind the same. The 54-year-old cited the contributions of football athletes Rob Burrow and Kevin Sinfield towards the overall welfare of the MND association. Another person who instilled the desire in Holland was former football star Doddie Weir, who unfortunately succumbed to the deadly MND. 

As his page went live on February 1, Holland got overwhelmed as he accumulated £972 in under 24 hours. Such a response delighted the cyclist to a great extent as he hoped that his aim of garnering a total fund of £7777 would be fulfilled shortly. The 54-year-old also shed light on his upcoming journey. He said, This ride is a big step up for me and it’ll be quite an adventure… I’ll get to see all the country – it’s England, Wales and Scotland – in every terrain. It sounds weird but it’s like a holiday. I’ll enjoy that it will be a holiday even if it’s incredibly hard.” 

Holland revealed that his route would start from Cornwall and would navigate through the terrains of Devon, Somerset, Wales, Shropshire, Lancashire, and Cumbria. Holland would also tread along the low-lying border areas of Scotland and then move onto the perilous mountain ranges in the extreme north. 

As daunting as the journey might sound, Holland oozed confidence while speaking about it. The West Sussex native said that although he did not have the physicality of a youth, his mental fortitude was still very much in place. 

However, one might be curious, how did a man with no athletic background suddenly become so interested in cycling? 


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Jonathan Holland’s steppingstone into the cycling realm

While speaking about how he got into the sport, Holland cited the lockdown period as his stepping stone. During the time, Holland was sitting idle and needed a hobby to keep himself agile. Thus, he started a mission that would ultimately go on to become one of his favorite aspects of life. At present, Holland rides almost 6000 miles over the course of 365 days.

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Holland further stated that he was an active member of the East Grinstead Cycling Club, which conducts cycling events on a weekly basis. Thus, it was a pleasure for the Sharpthorne native to happily achieve an impressive goal of 500 miles every month while soaking in the serene beauty of the Sussex countryside. 

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