VIDEO: Spectacular Cycling Stunt Ends in a Disastrous Crash and Gets Captured on Camera

Published 01/14/2024, 11:21 AM EST

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Imagine pulling off a stunt in a picture-perfect manner, only to ruin it at the very last moment. In a recent viral video, a man was seen performing an incredible routine with his bicycle. After doing a significant amount of work, enough to wow the audience, he pulled off a finishing move that would have served as the icing on the cake. 

However, as he attempted to sign off in style, a major goof-up occurred that led to a sad end to the video. So what did the guy try to execute with his bicycle? What happened to him? Let us dive right into the video and take a closer look below. 

Cycling stunt causes downfall leading to an embarrassing end


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The video was uploaded by an account named jake100 on Instagram. In the short video, the scene opens with a man performing tricks on his bicycle. The setting looked similar to that of a basement parking with visible stairs at the other end. A man wearing a black and white hoodie with grey track pants could be spotted on the cycle. He also had a pair of black sneakers and a black helmet to prevent any injuries in case of a mishap. 

As the seconds rolled, the gentleman attempted a wheelie on his bicycle, following which, the front wheel came off! With the detached wheel now on the stairs, the man, looking unfazed, went on to amaze his fans by cycling one wheel while the front part remained uplifted from the ground. However, as the detached wheel came down from the stairs, the man grabbed them while still riding his cycle. This is where things started to fall apart for the man. 


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From the moment he had the wheel in his hand, he made several attempts to fit the wheel in the front part of his bicycle. Unable to do so, he made a last-ditch effort to finish off his stunt by putting the wheel on a raised platform and trying to lift his cycle up. Suddenly, the man lost his balance and fell with a loud thud on the ground as the video came to an end. 


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This video soon started doing the rounds on the internet, and surely the users, too, started to comment. 

Online users comment on the hilarious fail

The post captioned, “This ended too good not to post,” received more than 4 million views and 205k likes at the time of reporting this epic bike trick going wrong.

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The video started on a good note, and the stuntman’s skills made fans believe that the stunt would probably end with a success. But unfortunately fans were disheartened and thus one of the users commented, “He failed at the easy part”.


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Another fan commented, “You’re almost there buddy! Don’t give up! 💪🏻” motivating him to try again. “This would’ve been a cold trick ✨️✨️✨️,” wrote one fan praising the guy.

Another fan sharing a personal opinion suggested how the stunt could have ended in a different way. He added, “Quality ending!! I thought he was going to ride back around and after it rolled off the steps just ride right back into the wheel!! 🛞 now that would have been class 👌”.

While another Instagram user found the video hilarious indeed emojis, “😂😂😂😂😂😂”, to convey the emotions.


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Do you think the man tried too hard to fit in the wheel? Let us know your views in the comments down below. 

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