VIDEO: Stray Dog Follows Couple for Miles on Cycling Tour and Gets Adopted by Them

Published 09/23/2023, 1:18 PM EDT

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The recent story of Maggie Jo and Maeve, who found their lives forever changed on a cycling trip, has surfaced online. Traveling across the serene path in Europe, the couple was met with an unusual friend who started following them on the adventure. Surprisingly, the unexpected guest was none other than a furry canine, residing on the wild roads. 

Upon meeting with the thrill-seeking duo, the stray dog kept leading them on an unforgettable journey. This heartwarming journey of a pup turned travel companion is going viral on social media platforms. With no proper management, stray dogs have been a problem all over the globe for long enough. There are an estimated 100,000 dogs living on the streets of Montenegro alone, according to the European Society of Dog and Animal Welfare. With the beautiful souls facing harrowing life conditions, this story took a fulfilling turn that touched people’s hearts on social media. 

Fateful meeting leads to an extraordinary journey 


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Maggie and Maeve’s European cycling odyssey took an unexpected turn when the stray canine, later named Monte, thought of joining them. As she followed the riding couple, her joy and excitement were visible to them. “When Monte first started following us, we thought she would eventually just get tired and stop, and we would get on with our journey”, Maggie recalled happily. However, Monte’s persistence soon struck the couple’s hearts, as they started contemplating the possibility of taking her along. 


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Remembering that day, Maggie stated, “But she just kept running and no matter how far she fell behind, she would always catch up when we were either climbing hills or taking a rest.” Realizing the need to address her health issues, including ticks, fleas, and pregnancy, the duo was soon tilting towards inviting Monte along. With no time to spare, the marvelous dog gleefully became their travel buddy. After medical care and sterilization, she joined the couple on their European tour. Videos shared on social media captured Monte’s joy as she was seen riding in a crate on Maggie’s bike. 

A beautiful aftermath following the cycling trip 


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Monte’s journey from stray to cherished companion was an incredible rollercoaster of positivity. She enjoyed her new role as a travel companion, as recorded in the viral video. The internet cheered for this trio as they made their way to the United States. With a ray of inspiration, multiple comments poured in, expressing love and admiration for the deed. A comment on the video read, “The most beautiful vacation love story.” Another user wrote, “She knew you were coming, she was waiting.”

The epic act of generosity marked emotional reactions on different online platforms. People were moved by the happy ending, with one user expressing, “Literally crying as I watched all the Monte vids, y’all were on my FYP. Glad y’all made it home safely!” The adorable canine’s impact on the couple mesmerized folks. “They say dogs find you for a reason”, another commenter claimed. With stinging reports that depict about 6.3 million pets being surrendered to U.S. shelters each year, this story sets a unique mark. 


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While a significant number of stray animals face euthanasia, Monte’s story sheds light on the importance of adoption campaigns. It also recognizes the necessity of spaying and neutering programs and even behavior rehabilitation to improve the lives of countless animals. Monte and Maggie’s journey, like a hidden gem, unfolded how there is always room for a little more empathy.

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