“When one door closes another opens”- the age-old saying is proving to be true for the financially worn-out Brixton Cycles. In the most unfortunate turn of events, the lauded bike shop in London is on the verge of closing down. However, just at the moment things looked to be dying out, a messiah appeared, with a mission to save the business from drowning. The Messiah is none other than the noted comedian Chris Morris. Morris has taken up the responsibility of reviving the age-old store.

According to the news, the store requires a significant amount of money to restart again. Morris is trying to promote a fundraiser to fulfill the targeted amount. While the comedian is trying to provide relief to the dying business, several questions might pop up in the minds of the readers. What happened to the Brixton Cycles? Why are they on the verge of shutting down?

Chris Morris aims to raise £30,000 to save cycling business 


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It seems Chris Morris hasn’t forgotten the shop that provided him with his bicycle almost a couple of decades ago. Thus, when he saw the business was suffering from a dire financial crisis, Morris did not sit back. He immediately stepped in to help and started to promote the fundraiser that the business launched back in late January. 

Apparently, Brixton Cycles went through one of the most financially demanding phases when a three-week-long power outage disrupted their sales. Such a situation is being touted as the worst in the last 20 years. Speaking about the shop, Morris stated that the thought of Brixton Cycles closing down was too much for him to take. He further went on to say, Twenty-seven years ago they built that… They’ve been looking after it ever since. Whenever I come to pick it up from a service it’s so well tuned, it’s like a musical instrument.” 

Thus, the comedian, along with the shop authorities, have aimed to accumulate £30000, which roughly stands to $37,800 to save the business. 

The comforting factor is that after the intervention of Morris, the fundraiser has witnessed a significant boost and has already accumulated £22636($25538). Buoyed by the glimmer of hope, Lincoln Romain, the shop director stated, We’re just trying to get on as best we can. We’re not giving up.” 

While Chris Morris is doing his part, he is not the only big name coming to the rescue of the Brixton Cycles. 

National Road Champion advocates for the Brixton Cycles 


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While Morris, on his social media, pleaded with his fans by saying, Please, do what you can…and if you already have, thank you,” another champion also called for help. British road champion Fred Wright has been a dedicated patron of the shop and looking at the dire situation, he too, urged everyone to contribute. In a recent Instagram update, Wright shared the fundraiser, which is expected to cater to the cause of Brixton Cycles significantly. 

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Interestingly, the present fundraiser is not the only time the Brixton Cycles have been in need of finances. Back in 2015, the shop accumulated over £62000 to re-establish its premises after the initial shop was sold for developmental purposes. 


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