Dodge Charger Speeds at 170 MPH Before Crashing on an Exit Ramp on Georgia Highway Killing 4 People and Injuring 2 More

Published 08/17/2023, 7:55 AM EDT

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Imagine a moonlit night, a high-speed chase, and a tragic ending that no one saw coming. On one such night in February last year, a Dodge Charger raced down a Georgia highway, defying all limits, only to meet a fiery demise minutes later. The shocking incident that unfolded, left everyone with more questions than answers.

An unforgettable crash at 170 mph

In the early hours of a February 2022 morning, chaos erupted on I-75 in Monroe County, Georgia. A deputy attempted to pull over a Dodge Charger scat pack racing at an alarming 102 mph. Instead of complying, the driver decided to defy the authorities and accelerate to a jaw-dropping 170 mph. The deputy lost sight of the Charger as it disappeared into the darkness.


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However, tragedy struck shortly thereafter. A citizen made a chilling discovery on the exit ramp – a man and a Dodge Charger engulfed in flames. The fire’s fury prevented deputies from rescuing the occupants, and the car eventually became an inferno.


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The grim outcome was the loss of four lives: Tyron Barrett, 17; Jarvis Redding, 18; Oman Ellis, 21; and G’Nai Foster, 22. These young men from the Griffin area met an untimely and horrifying end, leaving a community devastated.

The chase that led to this tragedy was characterized by sheer recklessness. The driver’s determination to evade capture escalated the situation to an unimaginable level. Ignoring the deputy’s initial attempt to stop the Charger at 102 mph, the driver’s refusal propelled the car’s speed to 137 mph.

Even as the deputy persisted, the driver’s obstinacy led to an astonishing 170 mph. It seemed like the driver was in a racing mood. But this desperate bid for escape set the stage for the night’s heartbreaking events.

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The aftermath and the investigation

In the aftermath of the crash, the scene yielded unexpected discoveries. Three guns were recovered, painting a perplexing picture of the circumstances surrounding the ill-fated drive. Furthermore, 17 credit cards were also found, hinting at possible underlying motives that remain shrouded in mystery.


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Amidst the chaos and devastation, the valiant efforts of law enforcement stood out. Deputies from both Monroe County and Butts County rushed to the scene, risking their lives to rescue the occupants from the raging fire. According to reports, these brave individuals managed to extract two people from the blazing car, saving them from a grim fate.

Later the investigation revealed that loss of control of the vehicle due to high-speed was the reason for the crash. But we still can’t decipher what drove the occupants of the Charger to take such drastic measures. What led to the presence of firearms and credit cards at the scene? The heartrending events of that night remind us of the fragility of life and the consequences of reckless actions.


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Reflecting on this harrowing incident, we are prompted to consider the choices we make in critical moments. How would you react in a situation where a split-second decision could alter lives forever? Share your thoughts and insights!


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