We all have been rebuked by our parents for playing computer games in our childhood. Well, as it turns out now, a high school esports team has changed the narrative altogether! Their gaming prowess led to well-deserved recognition and celebration.

The high school team seemingly excelled in an Esports game, Fortnite. Not only did they win, but also grabbed a spot at the district to represent their beloved alma mater.

Fortnite triumph calls for public cheerleading 


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In the video uploaded on Instagram by ‘houseofhighlights,’ we see celebrations right from the beginning. The opening scenes show a couple of players walking past the camera. One of the guys was seen wearing a grey hoodie with grey trousers. The other one was donning a yellow and blue T-shirt along with grey pants. The one with a grey hoodie was seen holding a trophy as loud cheers accompanied them. 

The intensity of the cheering was such that the boy in the colored tee was covering his ears. However, soon after the boys passed, a group of cheerleading girls could be seen celebrating their victory. As we know, the high school Fortnite team came out victorious and earned a prestigious spot in the district to represent their alma mater. The girls were seen holding a stick and performing a cheerleading routine, as everyone seemed to be very proud of the team’s achievement.  This video quickly garnered a lot of views, and fans were quick to react. 

Varsity Fortnite team celebration catches Netizens by surprise 

The video went viral on Instagram as it received 239k likes and a staggering 5.3 million in less than 24 hours. Instagram users took to the comment section of the post to share their love and support for the team. A few netizens even added hilarious comments watching the video.

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One of the users commented, “That’s awesome of that school to actually have a male cheerleader,” appreciating the fact that the cheerleading team had male members, shattering the gender norms and stereotypes.

Another user amazed at the news wrote, “Fortnite teams in HS? Is this real?”.


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“That’s badass. Give the indoor kids some taste of competition.”, commented another Instagram user.

While another user referred to the celebration and mentioned, “goated fortnite players”.

“So what hype them tf up fr make high school feel like u guys make nerds feel on social media. Good”, wrote another user.


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The way the high school students celebrated their peers’ achievements in such grandeur proves the unity and mutual respect that is fostered among the students of the varsity. Celebrating every win in our lives often gives us the strength and motivation to perform even better, and the school students make sure that their peers do not see a stop to their winning habits.

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