A surfing dog has been inspiring and captivating surf enthusiasts from all around the globe. In the exhilarating realm of surfing, the extraordinary canine has not only created history, but her latest surf adventure has left everyone talking. She has just become the first dog to conquer the legendary barrels of the surf ranch. But this is just the beginning.

Her surfing tale is full of incredible twists. Recently, the surfing sensation leaving her fans in awe, announced her retirement from competitive surfing. But hold onto your surfboards as her story does not end that.

Canine’s journey from solo surfer to tandem titans


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The world champion canine surfer Skyler has been spotted surfing in Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch on several occasions. A few years back, she created a world record in the Surf Ranch and rose to fame. Skyler became the first dog to get barreled.

A few days back, her team posted a video of Skyler surfing on Instagram. In the footage, she could be seen going tandem with her master, Homer Henard. A few weeks back, in August, Skyler announced her retirement from competitive surfing. It was just before the World Dog Surfing Championship was about to begin at Pacifica Beach in California. 

But even after announcing her retirement from competitive surfing, her journey in the waves took a new turn. She entered the human and dog tandem division this year and grabbed first place, winning a place in everyone’s heart.

In the video posted by @skylerthesurfingdog, Skyler was wearing a red life vest designed exclusively for dogs. The video has been captioned, “Skyler the Surfing dog gets pitted!” 

They have posted a video of Skyler and Henard getting pitted during a night surf. They have also posted pictures of them getting barreled on a long surfboard.

Fans’ amazed as Skyler’s tandem triumph lights up the Surf Ranch

Skyler’s journey, from solo surfer to the ultimate tandem champion has left netizens along with the surfing world breathless. The epic bond between Skyler and her owner while riding the gnarliest waves has gone viral. 

One of the users commented, “I love this ❤️❤️ imagine what colours Skyler is seeing and the SOUND!!🐕❤️🥳🎉🙌👏”, referring to the great experience that she might be having.

Another user commented, “That’s awesome! 🙌🔥”

“Unreal dog. Unreallllll”, wrote another user referring to how incredibly Skyler surfed the waves.


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Another user wrote, “She looked back at the end💕”

“What a LEGEND🔥,” commented another user.


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What are your views about this epic video? Would you also prefer to see your pet surfing the waves with you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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