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49-Year-Old Former Pro Boxer Got Arrested for Stealing a Bicycle in the Philippines

Published 09/27/2023, 1:19 PM EDT

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From a boxing star to bicycle theft, former boxer experienced an unfortunate fate! A former boxing enthusiast, 49-year-old Isagani Pumar, encountered a shocking situation. On September 2, the inactive pro boxer emerged from the bustling streets of Cebu City, Philippines, during an unfortunate incident. During an act of desperation, Pumar found himself arrested after he was engaged in an illegal theft venture. 

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In the quiet Barangay Pasil of Cebu, that fateful day marked an unexpected stumble in Pumar’s already turbulent journey through life. The boxer’s dishonest act of stealing a bicycle was caught on a CCTV camera, which eventually led to his identification. With 47 professional fights under his belt, Pumar’s shocking condition at present marked his heartbreaking reality. 

A saddening twist of fate for the pro boxer


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Isagani Pumar was located after he stole a bicycle worth approximately $105.79 (P6,000), resulting in his arrest for the seemingly petty crime. He was detained at the Sawang Calero Police Station, where he confessed to the misdemeanor. Establishing that the urge was driven by intoxication, Pumar admitted his role in the theft, sharing, “I was drunk at the time.” He also expressed his plan behind the loot, clarifying that he wanted to sell it for personal recreation. 

Police Major Francis Talosig disclosed some details from the interrogation, quoting, “He planned to sell the bike because according to him, he had no money at the time.” Facing extreme financial struggles, Pumar explained his motive for the robbery was to buy ‘Kulafu’, a popular Chinese wine. After identifying the thief, the bicycle owner evidently reclaimed his stolen goods from Pumar’s home. The incident served as a stark reminder of how far the defunct boxer had fallen.


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The rise and fall of a pro boxing star

Pumar’s life once revolved solely around the boxing ring. He participated in numerous games, including 31 wins, 13 losses, and three draws during his boxing career. The boxer’s remarkable journey reached its zenith in July 1995, when he faced Hector Monjardin. During the game’s fifth round, Pumar reportedly seized the victory, taking away Monjardin’s state junior lightweight championship. 


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The era showcased Pumar with his exceptional boxing skills, making him a recognized force. He had climbed the ranks to become No. 2 in the World Boxing Council. Pumar was also ranked No. 5 in the International Boxing Federation at one point. The pro boxing fighter had even competed in two world title fights in the United States, albeit losing both. 

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Despite the setbacks and the regrettable bicycle theft, Pumar displayed his unbroken spirit. Nicknamed ‘Little Guns’ in the ring, he awaits the opportunity to regain his boxing career. With a new purpose in mind, Isagani Pumar plans to devote his time to young boxers, fulfilling his long-cherished dream of becoming a boxing trainer. Exclaiming with hope in his eyes, Pumar mentioned, “I want to share what I learned from boxing and I think it’s not yet too late.”


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With grand achievements in the past, Pumar’s thieving story seemed to be a rollercoaster ride through fame, defeat, and redemption. Capturing the hearts of many, Isagani Pumar’s journey continues as he transitions from a fallen champion to a man seeking upliftment. 

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