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“Just Wanted Cup of Tea” – Stranded Diver’s Whimsical Yearning Amidst Hopelessness and Survival at Sea

Published 09/18/2023, 5:11 PM EDT

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Imagine being stranded 30 miles out at sea, with nothing but the endless horizon to see in front of your eyes. What would your deepest desire be in your final moments of life? Will it be just a simple cup of tea?

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A diver found himself in a perilous predicament in the unending expanse of sea. This is the story of a man who without any fear of death expressed his unusual yearning in the face of adversity.

A diver wished to have tea during what he perceived to be his final moments 


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Jacob Childs, a diver while on the coast of Southeast Queensland, Australia ended up in a heart-pounding situation. He was unfortunately stranded about 30 miles away from the shore and lost his way. 

Jacob somewhere realized that he was living the “final moments” of his life but without the feeling of despair, he just wanted to enjoy one last cup of his favorite beverage. He said, “I just wanted a drink of water and a cup of tea.”, as he was floating in the vast expanse of the open ocean.


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A few years back, in 2016, while immersed in the depths of the seawater, Jacob lost sight of the life-saving safety rope. As his lifeline vanished he could see the boat in which his companions were abroad slowly started fading in the horizon. 

Despite giving full efforts he failed to keep up with the safety trawler. He was stranded in the sea for more than six hours. As he could see dusk setting in slowly, he decided to film his “final moments”.

In the video, he could be heard saying, “So that’s it. The sun goes down … That’s a wrap on old Jakey.”

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And in the very same video, instead of sharing how fearful he was feeling, he narrated the whole incident that left him in that fateful scenario.


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From desolation to rescue

Ultimately,  as luck would have it a rescue team spotted him in the water, finally bringing him to the shore. “I think they picked me up eight miles from where we were diving.”, added Childs.

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In such a precarious situation, he did not lose his calm. He later told Express, “It’s a long time to spend by yourself, and it’s a long swim back to shore.” He further added, “I was nice and warm in my wetsuit…I wasn’t overly tired as I was floating.”


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This gripping tale of survival of unending willpower will remain etched in our hearts. Even in the face of the most treacherous adversities, the simplest of comforts can provide us with solace and hope.

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