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VIDEO: Cheers Erupt as Public Boxing Showdown Ends With Swift MMA-Style Knockout

Published 11/20/2023, 11:25 AM EST

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They ‘say size doesn’t matter,’ it’s the will that does. While that does hold in sporting scripts, where the underdog can usurp the mammoth champion on a given day, it’s a different scenario in everyday life. A viral video is doing rounds on social showed two men involved in a street fight!

America’s Favorite Video Today

One man was comparatively larger than the other and had people cheering for him. What followed was a hilarious series of events. Let’s dive into this fun-filled boxing brawl. Uploaded on X by the page ‘TopStreetFights,’ the video started with two men boxing it out right in the middle of the streets, amidst loud cheers.

The streets get to witness boxing mania


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The man in the sleeveless t-shirt looked like he was on the back foot from the start. He was chasing the eight ball and couldn’t stamp his authority.

His opponent also had the home advantage, with the audience backing him through and through. He managed to fend away a few punches and raise some hopes of an underdog finish, but alas!


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The man brought a brutal right hook to spell the end of their boxing bout. He fell to the floor and was knocked out in an instant. The man instantly became a hero, sending people on the streets into a total frenzy!

They shouted and cheered as the man soaked in all the noise for his street triumph. People gave him a countdown as he lay on the floor and the man dished out some funky celebration moves. It all culminated in an epic and hilarious street battle with much theatre.

Netizens react to brutal KO in hilarious street fight

The internet was in total splits and definitely enjoyed watching that street brawl unfold. Let’s take a look at their reactions to the video.

Key said getting a countdown in a street fight is equivalent to getting a platinum trophy.

This user still expected some magic from the man who laid motionless on the floor.


Dean was all praise for the brutal hook delivered.


This user uploaded a hilarious image in relation to the hero of the video.


Quentin said that this fight would be a tough pill to swallow for the other man.



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More often than not, street fights are high-intensity situations with a lot of rage flowing around. This one, however, was a stark contrast to what we usually get to witness and definitely gave users online a different experience.

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