Unlikely Showdown Caught in a Resurfaced Video, 16-Year-Old Underdog Dominates in Victory Over 34-Year-Old Man in Brutal MMA-Style Clash

Published 11/20/2023, 7:53 PM EST

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If you thought David vs Goliath was an imaginary story, then this story is for you. The outcome of today’s video will leave you astounded and searching for answers. It is a common assumption that size matters in a fight. The more mass and size a fighter has, the more chances he/she has for the win. However, how many times have we seen smaller opponents dominating a significantly larger opponent? As surprising as it might sound, some things in the real world are surely stranger than fiction. That’s the only plausible reason the boy in today’s video could dominate the man he was fighting. 

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At the start of the fight, if anybody said that the boy would be the one walking out victorious, everybody would have laughed. However, the end results left both the fans, as well as the man who got beaten up himself, stunned. 

A man was put to sleep by an MMA-style chokehold from a teenager!


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The clip was posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. The video was almost one and a half minutes long and it already had plenty of elements to analyse. In the initial stages of the video, we can see a young boy involved in a heated argument with an adult. From the looks of it, it seemed that the man was provoking the young boy to get into a fight with him. 

However, the boy was not interested in a physical altercation at first. But the man seemed adamant about the fight and asked the boy to draw first blood. After a lot of back and forth, the boy did hit the man. As the man attempted to take the boy down, he got the shock of his life


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The boy, who was significantly skinnier than the man, took the man down on the ground like a professional mixed martial artist. The boy then went on to put the man in an MMA-style stranglehold, after which the man tapped out. 


This insane video went viral within minutes, and netizens began to voice out their opinions in the comment box. 

The internet admires the boy’s brute force 

The video shared by Fight Mate captioned, “16 Year Old Teen Chokes The Daylights Out Of A 34 Year Old Man…”, received a staggering response from fans on Twitter. It gained more than 4.1 million views in less than a day.

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The comment section was flooded with more than 800 comments from netizens.

One of the users commented that size or age doesn’t seem to matter much in such scenarios if one isn’t professionally fighting!

Another user shared a screenshot from the resurfaced video and referred to the picture as the ‘moment when he gave up’.

One fan sharing a personal thought commented that it was wrong of the 34-year-old man to indulge in a fight against the young 16-year-old teenager.

While another fan shares his personal opinion asking others to avoid GenZs.


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One Twitter user rightly mentioned that size isn’t always the only deciding factor.


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All in all, the fanbase seemed to be quite confused as to why the man attempted to trigger the teenager, leading to such an eye-opening outcome. While the video continues to go viral on the internet, what are your thoughts on this video? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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