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VIDEO: Bully Gets Destroyed by Punches in MMA Style as Entire Classroom Watches

Published 07/16/2023, 11:55 AM EDT

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People always root for an underdog. They love a story of triumph, of redemption, when good beats the evil. The element of relatability is strongest with the ‘Underdog’.

America’s Favorite Video Today

A similar incident, story happened during a seemingly ‘normal’ classroom interaction. In a viral video shared on twitter by the channel “Bullfights”, the internet has gone in a frenzy over the madness in the clip.

Bully is silenced by the ‘Quiet Kid’


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Bullying in school, especially high schools in America is an issue that has plagued the country over several decades. While significant progress has occurred, there still is need to address the issue on a macro level. Let’s now take a dive into the video and understand what transpired in the story of silent triumph.

At the start of the video, we see the boy in the hoodie sitting on the bench, unbothered and keeping to himself. The long-haired boy as we later understand is the bully, approached the boy and asked him if there is problem, taunting him in the process. The two engage in a small conversation as we hear the students surrounding them insinuating it further.


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“How do you want it?, How do you want it?” a student is heard screaming as everyone started to get excited at the thought of a fight in class.


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The student continues to hum a tune and further fuel the fire for battle between the two boys. The bully inched closer and said a few words before trying to land his first blow. He goes for a hard punch but the quiet kid is able to dodge it with ease. It is at this moment that he decided to stand up for himself and he gets up with great speed to punch the bully back. He lands his punch right on target, smashing the bully’s face.

The bully tumbles down and the kid proceeds to shower him with multiple MMA like blows. The boy is able to establish complete dominance as the bully tries to cover himself. He lands one final blow to his head and the kids in the background are left shocked. We hear the “Oooooos” in the background as the bully tries to gather himself.


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The clip ends with bully holding his head in visible pain. While he did get what he deserved for trying to resort to physical harm, the entire fiasco should have ideally never happened. Child safety and well-being in schools and colleges is a topic of heavy debate and stakeholders, policymakers and people involved will need urgent and sufficient action to be tackled head on.

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