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VIDEO: Epic Showdown Unfolded Between a Sandwich Lover and the Unrelenting Disturber in the Woods, Finally Ended With an MMA-Style Knockout Move

Published 11/20/2023, 11:41 AM EST

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Never disturb a man who loves food!  We all are acquainted with how the famous character of Joey Tribbiani from FRIENDS bursting out, “Joey doesn’t share food!.” A similar incident had recently unfolded where a man eating a sandwich got violent after being disturbed. While the man was busy savoring the delicacy, another man thought irritating him would be a good idea. Not once but twice! The incident that followed was hilarious, and let’s see what transpired exactly. 

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MMA knockout fate awaits for man in the woods

The video was posted on Twitter, formerly known as X by Fight Mate. The initial moments of the video portray what looks like the setting of a picnic by the woods. We could see people hanging around with each other and having a nice time. However, nobody imagined that the seemingly fun and leisurely atmosphere would soon take a wrong turn. In the clip, we can see a man walking with a sandwich in his hand. The man was quite tall and sturdily built. He was wearing an all-black outfit with a black t-shirt and black shorts. That is when a shirtless man in the distance decided to have some fun. 


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The man, who was wearing white shorts, was seemingly enjoying his time in the background. Suddenly, he came running towards the man eating the sandwich and thunderously clashed with him. The man in black seemed unfazed and continued to munch away. However, the shirtless man was not content yet. He decided to take another shot at the man when things went downhill.


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When the shirtless man attempted a second attack, the sturdily built man knocked the man out with a brutal MMA-style shoulder tackle. The shirtless man immediately fell to the ground as indistinct chaotic chatter continued in the background. Such a hilarious video had the netizens talking. 

Netizens have a field day reacting to the video

The video gained traction soon after it was posted online. It received a whopping 1 million views in a short time along with more than 21k likes at the time of reporting this piece. The clip was also shared by a significantly large number of people, which was more than 1000. The fans had a lot to say about the altercation. Here are some of the interesting ones. 

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One of the fans sharing his opinion wrote that the guy seems to have remarkable strength.

Another fan added a hilarious comment and wrote that the guy in white trousers got himself knocked out for his fault.

“Just a casual knockout in between bites of his sandwich”, wrote another Twitter user.

While one fan seems to have found the video quite amusing and added that the sandwich must have been tasty.

While another shared his personal opinion and wrote that foodies are violent in nature.


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While another thought that the blow was well deserved by the guy.


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As the video might be hilarious to look at, there’s a certain element of inhumanity in it. While teasing one’s friends can be fun, but irritating someone repeatedly is just a reflection of poor civic sense. What do you think of the incident? Comment and let us know. 

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