VIDEO: Raw Chaos Unleashed as High-Octane Brawl Transforms Exclusive Car Showroom into MMA Fight Arena Defying Expectations

Published 11/10/2023, 8:30 AM EST

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The cases of street fights in the country have increased threefold in recent times. These fights keep occurring at every possible location by now. However, you would expect most of these things will involve teenagers as emotions usually run wild in them. Unfortunately, things do not turn out as per our expectations. Today’s video is a shining example of the fact that people suited up neatly can also go at each other in pure MMA style. 

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More than anything else, the location of the fight has surprised many. As one would least expect men inside a luxurious car showroom to be involved in a fight.

Triple threat MMA style brawl has car showroom shaking


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In a recently uploaded video by Fight Mate on Twitter, now rebranded as X, we witness one of the bizarre happenings. The clip was shot from a distance so at first, it was unclear what the chaos was all about. However, as the video zoomed in, the location itself was a weird one for a fight. It was a car showroom with some of the exclusive ones on display. The spotlight was, however, stolen by the gentlemen inside the showroom. 

At least four people wearing neat formals were seen brawling against each other. In the very first shot, a chair was being flung at a person. A sturdily built man rushed at another one and started throwing punches. While all this was going on, several security guards attempted to pacify the brawling parties. Needless to say, they were unsuccessful in their attempts. 


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Soon after, the sturdily built man turned his attention towards a person who was wearing a pink formal shirt and navy blue pants. As he was shorter in stature, he fell down from the impact. 

This made the taller man gain the upper hand and go on a full rampage. He unloaded a flurry of punches before two guards came in to intervene. The scene was so chaotic that even a real MMA fight would look more organized. 

The fact that such a fight transpired with so many expensive cars around made the netizens voice out their opinions in the comment section. 

Netizens react to the revved-up rumble at the car showroom 

The video of these suited individuals engaging in such a clash has left netizens in awe. The post captioned, “When did Toyota start giving out hands with their cars…” received more than 908k views at the time of reporting the hysterical showdown.

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One of the users commented in a humorous tone and wrote that this is how employees fight against each other to get a bonus.

Another user in the same tone stated the probable reasons behind the brawl. However, it seems to be a personal opinion as the reasons behind the fight seem to be unclear.

A fan reacted on the same line and his personal thoughts. He wrote that such situations arise when one employee steals another’s customer.

“Commissions must be hard to come by these days”, wrote another user.


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Another Twitter user hilariously commented that this is a clip from the movie ‘Toyota Vs Honda’.


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What are your views on this incident? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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