VIDEO: Road Rage Escalates Into Intense MMA Style Showdown Leaving X’s Users Stunned

Published 02/06/2024, 3:16 PM EST

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Road rages are a common phenomenon where, on multiple occasions, people often tend to abuse or insult others aggressively. However, on several occasions, the abuses are not limited to only being verbal. This is where things get out of hand. A similar situation unfolded in today’s viral video, where we witness a couple of men fighting it out on the street, with the passersby trying their best to stop them. The intensity of the brawl was elevated with each passing moment, and the actions emulated those of a typical MMA-style fight.

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Unfortunately, the story did not have a happy ending, as one of the men suffered a terrible feat at the end of the video. So what happened to the man? Let us quickly delve into the crux of the matter and get all the information in detail below.

Road rage turns into an MMA-style knockout fest


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The video was uploaded by an account named GlobalFights on Twitter, which has been recently renamed X. In the thirteen-second-long video, the scene opens to what looks like a busy street. While a couple of men could be spotted brawling with each other, several passersby looked in amazement, shocked by the brutality of the scene. One of the men was wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans. He also had a full-sleeve jacket over his tees. The other one had a bare upper body coupled with a pair of shorts.



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The mood of the video was violent right from the word go. As the seconds rolled on, it was evident that the man wearing the jacket was the dominant of the two. He began trading punches and kicked the man hard in the legs over and over again.

The brutality of the leg kicks reminded of the vicious MMA fights where blood is a common occurrence. Watching the intensity of his opponent’s movements, the bare-bodied man could not help but backpedal for most of the time.

While a lady tried to stop the man in the jacket from attacking his opponent, the attempt seemed too feeble. Unfortunately, no one else stepped up, and the inevitable happened. The man wearing the jacket connected a brutal jab to the face of his opponent, which left him knocked out cold. As the man thudded onto the harsh concrete, the video came to an end.

The fighting scene managed to get a lot of traction as fans flocked to the comments section.

Online users are amused by the roadside brawl.

The X post captioned “Bro did some critical damage” received a staggering response from netizens. The video gained more than 19.2 million views, in addition to 11.7k likes. The comment section was flooded with reactions and valuable opinions from fans.

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One of the users watching the video shared his thoughts regarding how strong leg kicks can turn out to be and the effects they might have on the opponent.

Another X user mentioned how the other guy despite getting several opportunities to hit back failed to utilize one. 

One fan seemed pretty impressed by the fighting skills of the guy wearing the gray jacket. He praised his leg kicks and his ability to maintain distance from his opponent.

Another fan referred to the leg strikes as UFC-style kicks and mentioned how he would have run away if he had been on the other side.


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While another fan shared an interesting thought. He added that it seems to him that the guy in the grey jacket not only dedicatedly watches UFC matches but also practices the moves he witnesses in the match.


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Do you think the man wearing the jacket did the right thing? Let us know your opinions in the comments below. 

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