VIDEO: Things Got Worse for Jorge ‘Martinator’ as He Fell Further Behind Instead of Rising on the Scoreboard

Published 11/19/2023, 12:52 PM EST

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As the bikes go past each other in the Moto GP Qatar, things were looking gloomy for Jorge Martin. After failing to end lap 1 on a high, Martin was reeling even further thanks to Maverick Vinales. Even though Martin was trying hard to speed through, a completely new challenge was making things worse for Martin. 

Can Jorge Martin make a comeback? 

Jorge Martin ended the initial lap at number 8 and was aiming to catch up in the subsequent rounds. However, Maverick Vinales has come from behind and is threatening to overtake one of the contenders, Martin. He has already gotten past Marc Marquez and might create an upset in the current lap. 


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Live scenes from the race paint an even sorry picture for Martin. The racer is seen to be running out of power midway through the race! As he attempts to accelerate, the lack of power makes him visually furious as the Spaniard shakes his bike vigorously. 

As the race takes an interesting turn, can Jorge Martin up the ante and cause problems for Pecco Bagnaia, who ended lap 1 at a comfortable #1? 

Martin was caught in the camera looking down at his rear tyre, probably because he thought there was a problem that he might have been facing. It seems that the evening truly turned out to be disappointing and disastrous for Martin.

Fans reacted to the epic final showdown 

But finally, with massive turn in events after the end of the final 22nd lap, Italian GrandPrix racer Fabio Di Giannantonio defying all expectations emerged as the race winner.

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One of the users shared his personal opinion regarding the race and said that there was some faulty tire. He wrote that probably for the same reason he won the sprint but was slow at the final race.

Another fan who was amazed shared his reaction in the comment section.

One fan commented that Martin was struggling hard during the race.

Another fan shared a similar thought.


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Another disheartened fan shared his reaction in the comment section.


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What were your thoughts while the race was ongoing? Did you think Martin would be able to make it? Comment and let us know below.

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