VIDEO: Amid High Expectations at the Qatar GP, Pecco Bagnaia Surged Ahead as the Top Contender in the Opening Lap, While Jorge Martin Tried to Move Forward

Published 11/19/2023, 12:28 PM EST

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Rev up your engines and flag yourself up as Qatar GP has begun and the first lap is already over. As the chequered flag waved, leaving the scent of burning rubber in its wake and the riders started to press the accelerator, the world waited with bated breath about who it’s going to be! As it turns out, Pecco Bagnaia is looking strong and is on the right track. Bagnaia started on the right note and ended the first lap as the number one racer. 

Pecco Bagnaia for the Moto GP glory? 

The anticipation was building around who would clinch the championship this time. Bagnaia or Martin. If the initial trends were to be believed, then it looked like a case of history repeating itself. The defending champion started the race at Qatar on a high and overcame the initial hurdle as it seemed in the first lap.


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However, his opponent, Jorge Martin is at number 8 after the end of the first lap. Although Pecco is powering through, Martin is trying to come to terms as well. He has come from behind to get past Marc Marquez from the Repsol Honda team. As the race reached its climax, it became way too interesting to witness the epic showdown. 

But as fans with their bated breath waited to celebrate Pecco vs Martin camaraderie and to know who among the two had the nerve to win the final lap the most unexpected scenario unfolded. Defying all expectations of fans, with a speed-breaking ride, Fabio Di Giannantonio snatched away the winning title from all.

Netizens shared their thoughts on 

After a lot of ups and downs and back and forth, the end of the final lap truly left fans stunned. Although the win of the underdog is currently dominating the MotoGP world, fans took to the comment section to share their reactions regarding the Pecco vs Martin conflict.

One of the users tried to shower his love and support for Pecco and asked him to keep calm.

Another user sharing his personal opinion commented that Martin is not built for the win while he supported Pecco.

“😯💜😱” commented another fan conveying his emotions through emojis.


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While another user showing his love and support towards Martin commented that he had put up a great championship riding on the tracks.


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Fans are waiting for the Valencia Grand Prix. Will Pecco and Martin return to the track all buckled up now? Who will you be supporting now as the riders now head to the Valencia Grand Prix? Share with us in the comment section below.

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