19-Year-Old California Dancer Is Showcasing Her Moves as an NFL Team Cheerleader

Published 10/05/2023, 2:16 PM EDT

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Dalli Hensley (19), of Waynesville, will now be cheering for the Atlanta Falcons Football Team. She first came into the limelight after she started as a dancer at Legacy Dance. The Atlanta Football team selected her this year for the 2023 season. Coming from a very humble background, Dalli has come a long way in life.

She started her dancing journey at Angie’s Dance Academy. Hensley credits her success to her initial dance teachers at Angie’s academy. However, her parents also played an important role in shaping her career.

A Dream Come True for Dalli Hensley


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Auditioning for the Atlanta Falcons has always been a dream for Dalli. However, her selection was not at all an easy process. She had to go through several rounds of trials before she got selected. The trials initially included versatility which Dalli flourished with flying colours. Cheerleaders are some of the fittest athletes in the world who put in a lot of effort to enhance their skills. Dalli’s initial dance teacher, Hayley Justice, gave us an insight into her talent while speaking to Themountaineer

“Dalli has always had that special spark that sets her apart from others. Her passion for dance is undeniable, and she puts her heart and soul into every performance,” Legacy Dance instructor, Hayley Justice said.

However, the next two rounds of selection involved stage presence and the ability to work with a team. Stage presence is something that Hensley previously experienced as well. Her initial dance education and years of hard work allowed her to face the challenges head-on. She looked determined to fulfill her dream and get selected as a cheerleader.

One of the most important foundations of a cheerleader is teamwork. Individual brilliance does not really matter during cheerleading. Dalli can work as a team because of her background in dancing for such a long time. Getting the initial education in dancing has shaped her into a fantastic dancer. Moreover, she credits her success to her teachers at the Legacy dance club and also her parents as well.


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A Role Model for Many Youngsters

Dalli, after fulfilling her dream at just 19, will become a role model for many. Coming from a humble background and reaching at such a high level shows her talent. However, she proved that with hard work and determination, anything is possible to achieve.


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Cheerleading is one of the most sought-after professions. The limelight and the fame attract youngsters to take up cheerleading as a career. Hopefully, Hensley can motivate the next generation of cheerleaders as well. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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