VIDEO: Jay Alvarrez Defies Gravity with 10,000ft Skydiving Trampoline Spectacle Leaving Instagram Users Stunned To Their Core

Published 01/21/2024, 2:49 PM EST

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Ever imagined bouncing on a trampoline while doing some freestyle football moves? Well, if you think that is doable, then wait till you find out the location of the air atop the clouds! Yes, you heard it right. Jay Alvarrez is a famous personality on the internet and has gained a significant amount of popularity for his breathtaking stunts. In what seemed to be yet another daredevil-like act of his, Alvarrez and his friends were spotted enjoying themselves on a trampoline mid-air. The trampoline was suspended in a hot-air balloon that hovered above the clouds.

While Alvarrez and his friends were busy enjoying the day out, audiences who caught a glimpse of the video were terrified by the visuals. So why did the internet sensation try to pull off such a high-risk stunt? Were they successful in doing so? 

Skydiving adventure taken to a new level with an added trampoline stunt


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While Alvarrez dreamt about creating a trampoline park mid-air, EvoSim Universe, the renowned crypto giant, made it a reality. The video, which was uploaded by Jay Alvarrez himself on Instagram, opens with a stunning scene of the sky that looks serene at first glance. However, as soon as the camera pans towards the trampoline, the audience’s hearts are bound to skip a beat. A bunch of men and women were spotted in a party mood, jumping up and down on the hanging trampoline.

If this was not risky enough, suddenly they started playing football by flaunting some freestyle skills. Interestingly, the biggest of all the shocks came towards the end of the video. One of the crew members threw the football out of the trampoline and, without giving it a second thought, dove right into the snowy clouds beneath them!


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Soon, all the other members followed suit. Fortunately, the entire team was well-equipped and skilled stuntpeople. They quickly opened their parachutes as they made the descent and landed safely on the ground shortly thereafter. The entire madness was captured by a photographer who could be seen hanging with his camera from one of the ropes of the hot air balloon! 


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For those uninformed, Alvarrez has done quite a few shocking experiments in the past. He recently flew a halfpipe in the sky to perform a skateboard stunt on it. His other shenanigans include tight-roping himself over active volcanoes and waterfalls. Alvarrez also likes to surf while being dragged by a moving helicopter. 

With his latest stunt becoming an internet sensation, it is only natural that the comment box would look cluttered. 

Netizens express disbelief as aerial stunt goes viral

The Instagram post captioned, “Jumping on the trampoline 10,000 feet high in the sky with @evosim.universe”, received more than 103k likes and almost 3 million views. Fans could not keep calm after watching such a jaw-dropping aerial showdown.

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As the thrill-seekers were jumping on the hanging trampoline they were playing with a soccer ball which they threw down. Referring to the same one of the users commented, “Imagine getting smoked with a soccer ball sent from the heavens…”

Another fan was truly stunned and he commented, “Wowwwwww!!!!!🔥🔥🔥”


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One fan could not believe they they pulled off such a dramatic and jaw-dropping stunt and he added, “This is so sick🔥🔥🔥”

Another fan got so excited and inspired watching the video that she planned her next birthday on the same lines. She wrote, “I know what I’m doing for my next birthday😂 trampoline in the sky”.

While another Instagram user referred to the shocking aerial setup and added, “Crazy setup😍🔥”


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Did you enjoy the aerial stunt from Jay Alvarrez? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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