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Famous Comedian Adds Fire to Gender Pay Gap Debate While Mocking West Ham United Female Soccer Player During One of His Shows

Published 08/07/2023, 9:35 AM EDT

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The gender pay (or wage) gap has been a burning issue in the last few years, especially when it comes to sports. Recently, American actor and stand-up comedian Bill Burr has added more fuel to the fire after he hilariously impersonated a female soccer player fighting for an equal wage gap. While Burr’s impersonation might be on point, his intention behind the act has sparked a huge rage on social media.

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“It’s just not the same”: Challenging perceptions

In the viral video posted by the YouTube channel Hello My Friend, we see Bill Burr comedically mimicking what he calls a frustrated female soccer player. We found out the player in question is West Ham United’s star forward and Swiss International Alisha Lehmann who recently complained about how people perceive women’s sports compared to men’s.


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Alisha in a recent press conference said, “How people look at us and how people look at them, it’s just not the same. (To us) they are like aww she plays football.”


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Bill delivers Alisha’s line with impeccable timing and conviction, drawing us into his world of satire. Bill further imitates Alisha’s comment on how female athletes don’t make as much as male athletes.

Why is the pay different? The payroll predicament

In the next part of the video, we see a stat that says men get $69000 per match in the soccer world cup if they reach the final compared to $5500 for women.

Burr masterfully switches from imitating her frustration to offering an explanation laced with sarcasm and wit. While mocking this in a different accent, he goes on to say, “You don’t sell any f**k**g tickets.”

While humor is the vehicle, there’s an underlying truth to his performance that challenges societal perceptions of female athletes. This statement, though delivered in jest, draws attention to a core issue affecting female athletes—the gender disparity in ticket sales and viewership.

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Read the people’s reactions and comments

The comments section of the video further reflects the impact of Bill Burr’s comedic portrayal of the gender pay gap issue. From “Bill Burr is a legend” to questions about the disparity between humorous male reactions and serious female ones, the response is diverse. Burr’s act sparks a dialogue, encouraging viewers to contemplate the societal norms and stereotypes that contribute to this ongoing issue.

Amid the laughs and clever impersonations, the underlying concern of unequal pay in sports looms large. We must not forget that Female athletes put in the same effort, dedication, and skill as their male counterparts. So, there must be a way to improve their financial situation as well.


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So, what’s your take on Bill Burr’s comedic act? What steps can we take to ensure female athletes receive the recognition and compensation they rightfully deserve? Let’s keep the conversation going!

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