Mark Sumsersett, the 38-year-old man from South Carolina, is one of the luckiest people in the world. He is the latest addition to the list of shark attack survivors. Shark Attacks are a very common phenomenon these days. However, not every surfer gets a second opportunity like Mark.

Doctors are confident that Mark will recover fully after the accident. The incident happened after he went underwater. As soon as he tried to get back to his board, the shark attacked him. What followed was a complete disaster.

Mark Felt Like He Was in a Bear Trap


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In a recent interview with the surfer.com Mark explained how he felt when the attack happened.

Sumsersett says, “It felt like a bear trap closing in on me.”  Sharks can cause serious damage with the amount of bite force they have. Also, they are fantastic predators and wait for the right moment to attack. Surfers are always under the threat of getting attacked by sharks.

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“He got me good, there’s gashes. Like streeks of them. It was defintily a fight or flight situation,” he recalls. 

He added:“I got gnarly battle wounds. I am so grateful to be here today.” 

New Smyrna Beach has a history of shark attacks. According to the reports, two shark attacks occurred in New Smyrna Beach in the month of July. The name of one victim is Chris Pospisil, a 21-year-old boy. He suffered serious leg injuries. A second person suffered serious injuries and received treatment at the local hospital.


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Surfers Should Worry About Their Safety First

Surfing is a sport that is highly dangerous, and the risk factor is high. Surfers have had a history of shark attacks in the past as well. Although the risk factor is very high in the sport, surfers need to take care of themselves. We cannot avoid shark attacks as long as the surfers are there in the water. Sharks are predators and wait for any opportunity to attack.

Mark is a lucky man who survived the attack. Although he suffered almost two dozen stitches on his face, the outcome could have been far worse. The local authorities should intervene in this matter and should take the necessary precautions. No sport is bigger than the life of an individual.


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