Apparel Giant PUMA Releases Controversial New Tennis Video in a ‘Nakedly’ Unique Approach

Published 07/08/2023, 2:21 PM EDT

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In a world saturated with predictable advertisements, Chandelier Creative has unleashed a campaign that defies the norm. The new campaign ‘Dare to Unbare’ is a collaboration between Noah and PUMA.

Directed by Brian Billow, this groundbreaking campaign challenges societal expectations and invites individuals to embrace their unique self-expression through fashion.

A surreal journey to a paradigm shift


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Under the creative direction of Brian Billow and expertly captured by the lens of Francesco Nazardo, the ‘Winning Streak’ spot immerses viewers in a nudist paradise. Here, the mere act of wearing clothes is considered taboo.

Breaking free from convention, a daring ‘streaker’ disrupts a high-stakes tennis match. He goes sprinting across the court in the Noah x PUMA collection. Amidst the exhilarating chase by security personnel, this whimsical adventure keeps things tastefully amusing.

As the ad nears its climax, the streaker deftly sheds his garments and seamlessly merges with the naked audience seated in the stands.

Brendon Babenzien, co-founder of Noah, underscores the campaign’s essence, urging people not to take themselves too seriously and to rediscover the fun and spontaneity that fashion choices can bring.

Introducing the legendary PUMA Star

Noah and PUMA proudly present the first chapter of their multi-seasonal collaboration. They are paying homage to the fusion of sport and style that defined the 1970s. Drawing inspiration from this captivating era, the initial release revolves around the reintroduction of the legendary PUMA Star, as envisioned by Noah.

Making its highly-anticipated debut in limited quantities, this is a re-imagination of the revered PUMA Wimbledon. PUMA Wimbledon was a beloved tennis shoe from the late ’70s.

The collaboration between these two influential brands fosters a creative synergy, allowing Noah’s mastery in reinterpreting classics to breathe new life into PUMA’s sporting archive.

Alexandra Weiland, Senior Head of Marketing at PUMA Sportstyle, expressed her excitement about this extraordinary partnership. She said, “Noah are true masters of the craft when it comes to reinterpreting classics. Working with the team to reimagine pieces from PUMA’s sporting archive has been a rare opportunity to create something fresh.”

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A twist on standing out

The ‘Dare to Unbare’ campaign introduces an intriguing concept that challenges the status quo. The campaign presents the choice to conform or embrace individuality, symbolized through the Noah x PUMA range.

This remarkable campaign employs a narrative device that ingeniously flips a familiar scenario, injecting it with humor and thought-provoking symbolism.


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By reimagining the traditional streaker as someone blending seamlessly into the crowd, the ad conveys the powerful message. It states that selecting the Noah x PUMA collection is a bold declaration of one’s unique identity and desire to stand out.

Some people are seeing this ad as derogatory and offensive, calling out the makers for showing nudity. However, PUMA and NOAH claim this collaboration pushes the boundaries of societal norms. And it encourages individuals to celebrate their distinct self-expression through fashion.

Through its captivating storytelling and the iconic PUMA Star silhouette, Noah x PUMA inspires individuals to find liberation in their sartorial choices.


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So, are you ready to unleash your inner rebel and embark on a thrilling style adventure with the Noah x PUMA collection?


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