Tragic Cycling Accident Claims 81-Year Old’s Life After Fatal Injuries

Published 08/12/2023, 10:08 AM EDT

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In a heart-wrenching incident that shook the cycling community, a beloved 81-year-old cyclist lost his life due to a fatal collision during a cycling event. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability cyclists face on the road. As we reflect on this tragedy, let’s delve into the details and understand the critical aspects of bicycle safety that demand our attention.

The unfortunate incident that took away a life

David Bialosky, an 81-year-old cycling enthusiast from Pittsburgh, tragically passed away after sustaining severe injuries from a collision that occurred during the Bon Ton Roulet cycling event.


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The incident unfolded on State Route 54 near Bath Road in Milo, Yates County. Bialosky was participating in the seven-day cycling tour, a journey through the picturesque Finger Lakes region, when he was struck by a vehicle driven by Dale Jensen, 67, of Penn Yan.


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According to 13Wham, the collision transpired when Dale Jensen turned onto Bath Road from Route 54, intersecting Bialosky’s path. Despite the efforts of Penn Yan Ambulance personnel at the scene, Bialosky’s injuries were grave.

He was flown by a Mercy Flight Central helicopter to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester. Tragically, his injuries proved fatal, and he passed away on Thursday, August 10.

Bicycle safety and preventing tragedy

Bicyclists remain exceptionally vulnerable on the road, often facing severe head injuries in accidents. Hence, we need to take crucial preventative measures, such as wearing bicycle helmets.

Stefano Formica, a legal expert from Bond Legal, emphasizes the importance of determining the exact causes of such accidents. Prompt independent investigations, including the involvement of an attorney, aid in preserving vital evidence and holding responsible parties accountable.

In cases like this, an attorney’s thorough review can shed light on contributing factors to the crash,” Formica states, underlining the significance of understanding what leads to such devastating incidents.

The incident highlights the pressing need for cycling safety improvements. In New York, where the incident occurred, bicycle-related fatalities have seen an alarming rise. The state ranks second in the United States for bicycle deaths. According to data, there were 46 cyclist fatalities in 2019, a significant increase from 29 in 2018.

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Seeking justice and avoiding wrongful death claims


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Families go through a really tough time after sad events like these. When someone dies because of someone else’s fault, their family can ask for money to help them. This money can pay for things like the funeral, the sadness they feel, and not having their loved one around anymore.

Candice Bond is really good with laws, and she’s from The Legal Advocate. She says that having a legal expert is really important during these hard times. “An attorney serves as a valuable and compassionate resource, helping families navigate the legal complexities while ensuring they receive the restitution they deserve,” Bond affirms.


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The sad death of David Bialosky reminds us that we should all know more about being safe on bicycles and driving carefully. We really like biking and care about our community. It’s our job to make sure that the roads are safe and people follow the traffic rules more seriously. We can show our respect for Bialosky by doing things to stop accidents like this from happening again.

What do you think we can do to keep bike riders safe and stop accidents like this? Tell us your thoughts and be part of making roads safer.


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