“Don’t Ever Call My Mom a W****!’’- Youngster Goes Full UFC as He Destroys His Classmate and Knocks Him Cold Into Seizures Right In the Classroom

Published 07/28/2023, 12:51 PM EDT

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Classroom violence is an issue that has long plagued authorities and officials. Over the years, several incidents have proved why it’s a brutal issue and needs immediate, long-term action. It is an issue that demands urgent attention since it affects the kids not just physically but even mentally with their education at stake.

In a viral video shared on ‘X’ by the page ‘STREET FIGHT 🔞🥊 400K?(FOLLOW FOR NOTHING MISSED)‘  a scuffle between two students in the school canteen ended horribly.

Classroom brawl takes a deadly turn


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Two students, one in a grey hoodie and the other in a blue t-shirt charged towards each other. The boy in the blue t-shirt came ahead with full force as the other tried to punch him but missed it. The momentum was too much to handle as the boy in the grey hoodie was pushed down. The impact is so hard that it makes a loud thud as he hit the ground.



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It is at this moment that the boy in the blue t-shirt unleashed his full power, UFC style and punched him in the face multiple times. Only missing his first blow, he could land two blows before delivering the killer blow and that left the boy knocked out cold. “Don’t ever call my mom a w****e!” he screamed to the boy as he raised his hand up.

What followed after was indeed a horrible ordeal. The boy on the floor had gone into a seizure, mostly due to the final punch hitting him hard on his head. The situation worsened as he kept shaking and a faculty member shouted, “Back up, back up, call 911!“. She tried to gather him together and talk to him, but to no avail.

“How can you do this to someone?,” Internet shocked at the extent of violence

The video shared online garnered several views, and the internet had different reactions to the altercation that went sour. Let’s take a look at what they had to say.


This user narrated the entire classroom brawl in their own unique style.

A good citizen, as this user explained what actually happened and tried to educate everyone. He explained how the boy’s condition was not a seizure but a fencing response to a concussion. Quite an enlightenment for us.

The user above sent his prayers, but mentioned how it would be difficult for the boy to survive.

The behavior of the boy completely shocked this user.


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This user spoke about how a couple of punches probably ruined the future of both boys.


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The viral clip showed how a seemingly unimportant and trivial argument escalated into a life-threatening incident. Such circumstances only highlight the dangers of violence and the need for redressal and quick action. Although they started the violence, the cost of it will be far greater than what the two boys could fathom.

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