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“Respect” – High School Kid Goes Full UFC on a Bully Messing With His Brother

Published 09/29/2023, 11:03 AM EDT

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A bully being served is a rare sight to see! In the world of schoolyard scuffles and playground pugilism, bullies usually strut their stuff and think they are the kings of the ring. In a recent incident, something extraordinary happened. The power of brotherhood triumphed! This bully had no clue what he was getting into when he decided to pick a fight.

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Suddenly, the tables turned faster than a superhero changing into their costumes! The bully found himself in a medical seminar, courtesy of some lightning-fast MMA-style punches raining down on him. Turns out, messing with one brother meant tangling with the entire squad. The ultimate tag-team response to a bully’s misguided antics!

A bully gets destroyed with UFC moves


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The video that went online showed high school kids fighting. The one on the receiving end of the beating is the bully who tried to mess with a high school kid. However, he didn’t know that he had a brother as he came in and destroyed them with multiple UFC-style punches.

There has been one more similar case when a single guy took on a whole gang who was trying to jump at him. He won the handicap fight with powerful punches in response. As this video went viral, the internet burst with reactions.


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VIDEO: Bullies Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine After Young Man Unleashes Full MMA Skills on the Whole Gang

Netizens react to UFC-style fight against bully

A lot of comments came in after the bully got beaten badly.

A user raised a concern, “I hope they are all safe thou” 

Another commented on the fight, saying, “Game over before it started.”

This comment recalls the funny scenes from the video where the teacher, in an attempt to intervene, threw a ruler at them.

The comment focuses on the instant karma portion, where the kids who took down the bully saw it as retribution for his actions toward his brother.


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This is the general tone of the comment section, where people reacted hilariously to the teacher’s reaction to the whole UFC chaos.


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As the relentless barrage of MMA-style punches rained down on the bully, it was evident that this was a response to his misguided actions. The blows delivered a simple message: messing with one of them meant facing the collective strength of brotherhood. This event serves as a powerful reminder that unity and solidarity can be the ultimate force against adversity.

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