VIDEO: Boy Knocks Out Another With Single UFC-Style Punch After Inappropriate Touch of Younger Sister

Published 10/16/2023, 9:55 AM EDT

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Street Fights can surprise us all in different ways. A recent video uploaded on Twitter surprised us all. The video shows how a young boy knocks out another with a single punch. The kid in question looked very calm in his approach but packed a lot of power in his punch. Let’s unpack the situation that unfolded.

The video is 38 seconds long and already has 54.1k views. The young boy seems to have a bright future in boxing. With the power and technique he has, we might be looking at a future World Champion.

Knocks Him Out With a Single Punch


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As the video starts, we see the young boy walking toward the other boy. The walk is full of confidence and style. However, looking at the boy, it’s tough to predict the outcome. As he reaches his destination, he unleashes his power. That left hook connected so well that it knocked out the other one. In boxing, knocking someone out with a single punch is a matter of pride. Rarely do we see such things during a street fight.

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The onlookers also looked surprised by the whole incident. No one expected the fight to end so soon and with just one punch. More than the power, it’s the technique that is impressive. He timed his punch to perfection and connected at the right time. Hopefully, the boy who got knocked out recovers from the blow and suffers no long-term damage.

The confrontation apparently occurred because of how his younger sister was treated. The girl allegedly got touched inappropriately. This is where it triggered the emotions of the young boy. The online fans also looked surprised by the whole incident.

Fans Reacted to the Knock Out

The Twitter users online also looked shocked by the whole incident. They shared their opinions regarding the fight.

One user seemed to get irritated with the continuous commentary.

Another user did not like the quality of the video and wanted the recorder to get a new phone.


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Lisa Meyers feels that this was not right as he sucker punched the victim.

How high do you rate the young boy’s boxing skills? Does he have the potential to become a professional boxer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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