VIDEO: Golf Course Witnesses a Brutal UFC Styled One Punch Knockout as Two Men Get Into a Scuffle

Published 09/14/2023, 4:04 PM EDT

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The increasing curve in the graph of civilian fistfights and brawls has been a major ground of concern for the U.S. government. A sudden drama was unleashed as the UFC world transcended into in the tranquil world of golf.

In a recently uploaded video on Twitter, now X, two men can be spotted together in a golf course. A supposedly planned golf match took a sudden unexpected turn, as two guys were found entangled in a heated dispute in the lush green fields.

UFC mayhem on Golf course


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The sudden heated dispute instantly escalated into a full-blown brawl. The video shows a man in a black tee and white shorts trying to push his opponent with full force. Immediately, the situation got heated up and the other guy, in a blue tank, brutally punched the guy in black.

The guy in white shorts was knocked out cold with a UFC-style knock out. He instantly fell flat on the ground. The fight did not stop here as the man in blue continued to thrash him. He stomped him mercilessly on his face. 


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After kicking him violently, he picked up something from the ground and thrashed the guy with it again.

The reason behind this fight getting ignited in this serene spot remains undiscovered. But onlookers were shocked seeing the ruthless nature of the guy as they could be heard commenting in the video clip, “Oh my God! Dude!”. The attacker could be seen walking away from the guy as he laid unconscious on the field. 

As pointed out earlier, heated exchange in playing fields has escalated significantly. A lacrosse match took a negative turn recently.

Lacrosse turning into a MMA fight

Another video went viral where two men engaged in a fistfight during a men’s lacrosse game. The fight escalated to an unprecedented level.


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Two players in white and black jerseys started brutally punching each other. But the fight took a unique turn as the crowd began to cheer for them during the fight. 

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Netizens were left completely shocked as the lacrosse ground suddenly seemed like an MMA octagon. The fight continued with continuous blows from both sides. However, much to everyone’s amusement, the fight came to a sudden stop. Also, the men were seen shaking hands with each other as they got up. 


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Such incidents remind us that although one needs to be competitive and aggressive in sports, the ability to control the rushing adrenaline is all it takes to avoid gory and gruesome occurrences.

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