VIDEO: 2 Cops Destroy Each Other With Their Punches as They Get Involved in a UFC Styled Street Fight Against Each Other

Published 07/28/2023, 1:48 PM EDT

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Cops are supposed to maintain law and order and show miscreants their due place. But what happens when there is a complete role-reversal? A viral video of two cops engaged in a UFC styled street fight has gone viral.

Anyone walking down the street had an unexpected and unusual sight to witness as two female cops went completely at each other. The viral video was captured by the onlookers as tempers flared and the intensity of the blows increased.

Officers demolish each other, UFC style


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The viral video was shared on ‘X’ by the page ‘Fight Mate‘ and generated much buzz online. It started with the two cops taking wild swings at each other. Both of them land heavy blows to each other’s faces and heads UFC style before one cop manages to push the other onto a car. They managed to grab a hold of the other cop’s hair and pulled it hard, forcing them to struggle.

The two of them continue to hit each other in a frenzy and the madness did not stop. The cop kept pulling the hair of the other and both of them eventually fell to the ground. Onlookers can be heard saying, “Oh my god, oh my god!” 


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The cop who pulled the hair managed to tackle the other and gained the upper hand after which she took multiple wild swings at the other. People around finally intervened and tried to separate the duo but she kept the grip on the hair strong. Three people combined were not able to overpower the cop as they struggled and tumbled across.

The video ends with cries of pain and mercy.

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The internet could not hide its excitement and reactions after the video went viral. Let us take a look at some of the comments made by them!

The user here expressed joy that the cops were not from their country.

This user here pointed how one cop took huge advantage of the hair and pulled it to cause damage.

The user above had a wonderful and thought provoking question for everyone.

This user was quick to comment on their combat style.


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Confused about which side to choose, this user was in a great dilemma.


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The video shared online sets a worrisome and dangerous precedent. The police in any country or district are responsible for the safety and well-being of their people and community but the two cops here completely disregarded that. Strict action must be taken against the two officers for engaging in a UFC styled brawl, forgetting all protocols and falling short of their duties and responsibilities.

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