VIDEO: Man Knocked Out Cold After a Vicious UFC-Style Takedown by Infuriated Bus Driver

Published 10/14/2023, 9:04 AM EDT

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Imagine marveling at the high-profile UFC fights when we cheer for our favorite stars. One of the biggest points of the adrenaline rush lies in the brutal takedowns that are performed inside the Octagon. Now, as fascinating as it sounds, things are not so marvelous in real life. Watching a person being flung mid-air, only to come crashing down on the unforgiving concrete, might cause one’s stomach to belch. 

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The exact incident took place as a recent video on Twitter, formerly known as X, garnered netizens’ attention. The sheer brutality of the entire video makes everyone feel sorry for the victim. However, on closer inspection of the video, the knocked-out person does not seem to be too friendly or innocent after all. So, what was all the drama, and why did someone get thrown away on the road? Well, let’s read together to unfold the mystery. 

Man gets knocked out cold by bus driver 


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A video recently created a buzz on social media platforms. The clip of merely about 8 seconds has sent chills down the spine of spectators. The video starts on a seemingly normal note, as a man in a black hoodie could be spotted standing in the middle of the street. Another man could also be seen standing opposite him wearing a blue t-shirt.

Both of them were probably engaged in a heated conversation, but fortunately, no sign of physical altercation was spotted between them until a sudden turn made the video too brutal and gripping.


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Another man, probably a bus driver, stepped in, and in the blink of an eye, the scenario changed. Like a thunderbolt, he entered and before one could even make out what would follow next, he picked him up and threw him on the ground.

The man in the black hoodie was out cold on the ground and could not move his body after that. The infuriated bus driver then stepped backward. 

Netizens reacted to the shocking UFC-style street showdown

The video captioned, “Man gets sent to Nirvana after provoking the wrong Bus Driver…” has been shared by @FightMate and has received more than 348k views and more than 5k likes at the time of writing this article. The comment section of this gripping video was filled with reactions and opinions of netizens.

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One of the users commented, “A little sneak attack from behind…Dude never saw it coming.”

Another user commented in a funny tone, “Sweet dreams”.

While another user commented, “Man who did that Act will Rot in Jail!!”, sharing his opinion regarding the incident.

“Next stop, la la land…”, commented another user.

Another user wrote, “Dang he really just slammed that dude on his neck like that.”


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Another user mentioned Brock Lesnar’s UFC-style signature move suplex, and wrote, “Ye ole suplex remedy”


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What are your thoughts on this 8-second spine-chilling video? Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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