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VIDEO: Walmart Employee Swiftly Knocks Out Aggressive Customer with One UFC-Style Punch, Leaving X’s Users in Splits

Published 09/23/2023, 12:05 PM EDT

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Angry customers are definitely a huge thorn in the side for store workers, be it in a fast-food joint or even a local supermarket like Walmart. Customers tend to take their rage, anger and disappointment out on the employees, which more often than not results in unpleasant or violent scenarios. Recently, people caught one such clash between a male customer and a Walmart employee on camera.

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The duo was involved in a heated argument that escalated rather quickly. Uploaded on X (formerly Twitter), by the page ‘FREAKOUTS AND FIGHTS‘, the clip showed a man with a trolley full of groceries in an argument with an employee of the store. What happened next could not have been anticipated and caught bystanders by surprise.

Violent customer in Walmart store could not have seen this coming


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The agitated customer took his shopping cart and smashed it into the Walmart employee, who was caught completely off guard. He repeated the same thing multiple times before walking away towards the exit.

This was when the Walmart employee lost it. A security guard present tried to hold the Walmart employee down, but he was too far gone with his rage taking control. As the male customer walked away, the employee punched him in the back of his head.


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The impact instantly knocked the man out, and he fell to the floor along with all his groceries. People in the supermarket witnessed the entire fight and recorded it, completely shocked by what they saw.

The cameraman said, “Damn” as the man fell hard on the floor.

Netizens react to supermarket madness that was not happening for the first time

The video was a throwback to a recent customer-employee brawl that saw some violent action. An angry female customer made her feelings known about the poor service of the local fast-food joint and that irked certain employees. What followed was a UFC like showdown between the employees and the customer, as they punched and kicked each other with no mercy. This grabbed lot of attention online.

The Walmart altercation also garnered a lot of reactions from netizens. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Malik said Walmart always lowers prices but not hands.

Kenneth had some advice for the man who got knocked out.

This user shared a hilarious GIF to describe the man’s situation.

This user called the move by the man, genius.


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Atticus had a funny and witty one liner for the situation.


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The fight was definitely a violent one that escalated to the extreme within a matter of seconds. A normal visit to the supermarket ended up costing the man a lot than he anticipated.

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