3 International Volleyball Players Suspended After They Get Into a Fight With Spectator

Published 07/17/2023, 10:44 AM EDT

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Volleyball, a highly intense game, demands precision, agility, and teamwork. As the competition heats up, so do emotions, leading to occasional disagreements that can result in negative consequences. Disputes between players, coaches, or officials may disrupt the flow of the game and dampen the spirit of sportsmanship.

In some unfortunate cases, tensions escalate to a point where players lay hands on spectators, leading to severe repercussions. Such actions can lead to immediate suspensions from the game, emphasizing the critical need for maintaining respect and control on and off the court. In the fast-paced and competitive world of volleyball, upholding sportsmanship and fair play is essential to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all involved.

Players Face Suspension After Physical Altercation with Spectator


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In a recent development in Nepalese volleyball, three players from the Nepal Army team have been suspended by the Nepal Volleyball Association due to their inappropriate behaviour on the court. The players in question are Dhan Bahadur Bhatta, Rajendra Bista, and Dhanpati Kunwar.

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The incident occurred during a heated match where tensions ran high. Unfortunately, the players’ emotions got the best of them, leading to physical altercations with the spectator. In response, the Nepal Volleyball Association took swift action to maintain the integrity of the sport.


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Dhan Bahadur Bhatta has been handed a six-month suspension, while Rajendra Bista and Dhanpati Kunwar each face a three-month suspension. Additionally, the team’s captain, Hari Hajur Thapa, was removed from his position. It was due to his inability to control his players during the incident. There is another incident related to Volleyball, where a woman player got suspended. She made racial signs in the middle of a volleyball game.

Serbian player suspended after making racial gestures

Volleyball player Sanja Djurdjevic faced suspension for two games following a highly controversial incident during a match between Thailand and Serbia. She made racial gestures by stretching her eyes, using a racial slur that is offensive to Asians and mocking their appearance.


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Her actions directly violated the FIVB volleyball rules, leading to a decisive suspension. The gesture is around a derogatory term that perpetuates hurtful stereotypes about Asian people and their eyes. Sanja Djurdjevic took responsibility for her inappropriate behaviour and publicly apologized to the entire Thailand team on her social media accounts.

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In conclusion, incidents like the suspension of three players from the Nepal Army team and the actions of Sanja Djurdjevic in volleyball highlight the need for players to keep their emotions under control during matches. Crossing boundaries with offensive gestures or remarks is not only detrimental to sportsmanship but also perpetuates hurtful stereotypes. It serves as a powerful reminder that respect and self-discipline should always prevail on the court. The essence of sports lies in fair play and mutual understanding among players and teams.

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