VIDEO: Crazy Scenes Unfold as MotoGP Rider Aleix Loses His Mind After He is Set to Start Qualifying A Little Too Early

Published 09/26/2023, 3:09 AM EDT

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The Indian MotoGP at the Buddh International Circuit witnessed a rollercoaster of emotions for Aleix Espargaro. From a frustrating start in qualifying to the anticipation of redemption in the sprint race, the Aprilia rider’s day was filled with highs and lows that left fans and competitors talking. However, one particular moment took the internet by storm. The rider went absolutely berserk on his teammates at one point.

His anger didn’t reflect well on some of the fans. They went completely ballistic at this, calling this ‘unacceptable’.

A Qualifying Nightmare Unleashes Espargaro’s Fury

The day took a sour turn for Aleix Espargaro during the qualifying session. As the clock ticked down to the start of the session, Aprilia released Espargaro released three minutes early. This premature release led to a sequence of events that left the rider seething. Being sent out too soon meant that Espargaro found himself stranded at the end of the pit lane. The pit wasn’t open yet, and naturally, this meant that he was unable to set a competitive lap time.

Tire temperatures are a crucial part of the performance. The tires need to be in the perfect temperature window, for them to have proper traction, and ultimately speed. Since he was released three minutes early, the tires started to cool down. The result? A disastrous start to his qualifying session.

Frustration reached its peak as Prustel GP mechanics pushed Aleix Espargaro back through the pits. Upon returning to the garage, he unleashed a torrent of anger, shouting and venting his frustration by striking his spare MotoGP bike.


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Later, when asked about the miscommunication with his team, Espargaro acknowledged his mistake. He also expressed his frustration, not just with the team but with himself. He recognized the potential danger to the engine and tires caused by this mishap. Despite facing criticism on social media for his outburst, Aleix Espargaro remained resolute, emphasizing that the opinions of outsiders didn’t matter.

Fans Seethe on Aleix Espargaro

Fans, while reacting to his anger, did not chew any words. They were quick to remind him about the last lap debacle from Barcelona last year. Comments like “Wtf…chill man…you fucked them in Barcelona last year and no one was yelling😡 give him a penalty for that”. And, I bet they didn’t shout at him like that when he decided to do a victory lap before the race was over 😂” quickly made its way.

Despite the qualifying debacle, Aleix Espargaro wasn’t one to back down. Starting from the tenth position on the grid, he faced an uphill battle during the sprint race. As the race unfolded, Aleix Espargaro encountered obstacles, including a blocked path in turn, one caused by a crash involving Marini and Bez. Despite these challenges, he pressed on, attempting to regain lost positions. However, his day took another unfortunate turn as he ran wide while trying to recover positions, ultimately resulting in a race-ending crash.

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