VIDEO: Drunk Vacationer Steals a Golf Cart in a Hilarious Crash Clip at a Resort

Published 10/09/2023, 4:36 PM EDT

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Drinking and driving is illegal. However, sometimes such illegal attempts come to the forefront and leave us in splits. A similar incident is the center of attraction in this article. After watching the entire video, it becomes clear why we should abide by the rule of safe driving. 

This video remains a testament to the fact that drunk driving is not only illegal, it might be a cause for public embarrassment as well. Well, without much ado, let’s stroll our way through the outside of the golf course to witness a hilarious happening. 

Golf Cart riding goes horribly wrong 


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The video uploaded by Wild Content was titled, “Bro about 16beers in💀”. Rightly so, we can witness a drunk escapade of epic proportion as the video advances. A bald, middle-aged man wearing a white shirt was seen outside the premises of a resort. A golf cart was parked outside the resort, which caught the eyes of the man. Taking immediate action, the person charged towards the cart to ride it. 

As this scene transpired, a woman accompanying the man was heard asking the man not to go inside the golf cart. However, the man paid no heed and proceeded to ignite the engine after he had put on his white cap. The man did not seem to be in a state to drive as he failed to control the vehicle. After stumbling for quite some time, the man drove the cart right through a small garden, demolishing the flowers that added to the scenic beauty. 


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Eventually, the man crashed his cart and, in the most hilarious manner, fell out of the car onto the ground. From what it looked like, an assumed security person intervened and took out the keys of the vehicle to put off the ignition.

Such a funny clip was bound to garner some fan reactions, and so it did. 

Fans in splits as the hilarious video circulates online

Reactions poured in as soon as the video went viral. Let’s have a snippet of what people had to say. 

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One of the users commented, “16? Nah that’s 26 beers”, referring to the fact that the man was badly drunk.

“Bro was on another planet, barefooted an everything. The face plant was brutal!!! 🥴”, commented another user.

Another user pointed out a funny moment from the video clip and commented, “The girl smiling into the camera at the end LOL”.

“He learnt the lessons better,” wrote another user.


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Another user commented in a hilarious tone, “When people use the reference, aging is like wine… This is a perfect example of boxed wine that has spoiled…”.


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Drinking might be a pleasing leisure activity or a romantic experience, but one needs to know the limits. A little irresponsibility here and there could not only endanger your life but can also make you an internet sensation in a way you might not have intended to. 

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