VIDEO: Man Delivers Sparta Kick to Woman for Blocking Train in Philadelphia

Published 08/10/2023, 6:19 PM EDT

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Have you ever stumbled upon a video that instantly rivets your attention and leaves you in awe of the unpredictable nature of life? Well, if you’ve been surfing the social media waves lately, chances are you might have come across various shocking videos. Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of emotions, as we bring you another one of them, straight from the subway station of Philadelphia.

A dramatic scene unfolds on a train platform

Picture this: the bustling atmosphere of a train platform in Philadelphia. The humdrum of people going about their daily lives, and a hint of tension in the air is there. But then suddenly a young woman takes a bold stand – quite literally – by inserting her hand and leg into the closing train doors.


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As the tension escalates, fellow passengers implore her to step back with concern on their faces. Yet, the girl remains resolute, defying the rhythm of life’s onward march, as the train doors remain held ajar.


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Just when you thought the scene couldn’t get any more gripping, a man emerges from the background. Channeling his inner MMA fighter, he delivers a move straight out of ancient history – a Sparta kick that propels the young woman away from the train doors with surprising force. As she tumbles onto the platform, the doors swiftly shut, and the train resumes its journey, leaving a trail of gasps and reactions in its wake.

Internet explodes as reactions pour in from all quarters

From humor to astonishment, the online community is echoing with reactions that mirror the diversity of human emotions.

One user made an interesting observation by commenting, “Looks like he saved her life before the train started to move.”

Another user cheekily endorsed the dramatic intervention, “I fully endorse this,” drawing a fine line between amusement and empathy.

In the midst of shared chuckles, some are grappling with the irony of their own reactions. One user’s confession caught our attention: “I’m going to hell for laughing at that as much as I did.” 

The internet wouldn’t be the internet without a hint of playful banter. Drawing parallels from the world of sports, one commentator couldn’t help but quip, “Better than Rapinoe’s kick right there..” Rapinoe recently missed her penalty kick at the Women’s Soccer World Cup as the USA lost to Sweden.


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Another user humorously commented that the guy was just trying to get home and needed to take that step.


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Nonetheless, the uncanny way in which twists and turns occurred in this video, was really funny. This viral video encapsulates the essence of life’s unpredictability, where a seemingly routine train platform becomes the backdrop for a scene that defies expectations and keeps us pondering long after the screen goes dark.

Now, as we bid adieu to this captivating incident, we’re curious to hear your take. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where the unexpected took center stage? How do you balance amusement and empathy in moments that challenge our sensibilities? Drop your thoughts in the comments!


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Kumar Rohan


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