VIDEO: NHL Stars Have Found a New Collaboration as They Team Up With Tennis Players for an Event

Published 08/15/2023, 6:57 AM EDT

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If you are both an NHL and a tennis fan, then hold on to your set! There’s something really exciting in store for you! Ever wondered what would happen when NHL players and ATP tennis pros collide? Well, the 2023 National Bank Open in Toronto recently became a stage where ice hockey’s finest met tennis’ top guns, not on the ice or the court, but on the streets. The spectacle will surely entertain you while leaving you in awe.

When Hockey players met Tennis stars

In a surprising twist, some familiar faces from the NHL decided to trade their skates for sneakers and join the ATP tennis pros for a friendly game of street hockey.


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Stars like Nazem Kadri, Quinton Byfield, Ryan McLeod, and Anthony Cirelli took to the “ball hockey court” alongside ATP’s own Casper Ruud, Sebastian Korda, and others. Witnessing the tennis pros, known for their agility and endurance on the court, glide into the world of street hockey was nothing short of remarkable.

NHL player Nazem Kadri was quick to applaud their adaptability, acknowledging that while skating might have been a challenge, their skills shone on the ball hockey court.

The interaction between NHL players and ATP pros showcased the mutual respect and admiration these athletes have for one another. Los Angeles Kings’ Quinton Byfield couldn’t help but admire the incredible stamina of the tennis players, acknowledging the relentless energy required for lengthy tennis matches.

For tennis star Casper Ruud, it was more than just a game. He revealed his fondness for the Tampa Bay Lightning, and going head-to-head with Lightning standout Anthony Cirelli was a surreal experience for him.

This unexpected connection between sports and personal fandom added a layer of excitement that we never predicted. The players, despite their competitive spirits, were united in the joy of trying something new and different.

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The victorious finale and memories shared

As the game progressed, the NHL team secured a memorable victory, thanks to a skillful goal by Hockey Hall of Famer Doug Gilmour. The exhilarating match came to an end, but the memories created on that street hockey court will surely linger. Players and fans alike soaked up the moment, with autographs and photos solidifying the camaraderie that had developed during this unique crossover event.

As the event progressed, we couldn’t help but wonder, what other unexpected crossovers might be in store for the world of sports. Nevertheless, the unity displayed by these NHL stars and tennis pros serves as a reminder that sports transcend boundaries. And we must bring people together in the name of friendly competition and shared passion.


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So, dear readers, which sports crossover would you love to witness next? Could it be a soccer showdown on a basketball court, or perhaps a swimming race between athletes of different disciplines? Share your desires below!


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