The retail industry has potentially functioned over decades on the philosophy that ‘Customer is King’, which has now reached its pinnacle in today’s consumer driven world.

But as with every good step, come the unfortunate consequences as well. This philosophy transferred the entire bargaining chip in the hands of the customer and allowed them to dictate terms in the market. This meant that companies were always a level below in the hierarchy tier and consumers ran the show.

The downside of this is that it gives consumers the false impression of superiority and this notion has paved the way for great inconveniences and repercussions.


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The treatment of retail workers and public sentiment for them as a whole took a huge beating based and as a result, retail workers have been subjected to tremendous violence and abuse at the hand of customers.

Employees vs customer WWE style

In a viral video uploaded on X by the channel ‘JCFights’ we see a violent and chaotic interaction between a retail food outlet worker and a disgruntled customer. The video started with both the worker and employee throwing objects at each other as they hurled abuses. The lady customer tried to walk away after throwing the object but her behavior irked the female worker.

She ran from behind the counter and charged toward the lady and punched her hard in the face. That little outburst of anger started a complete showdown between the two women as they tried to pull each other’s hair. The lady’s partner joined the commotion and tried to separate them but instead got hurt himself and did not interfere further.

Eventually all female workers in the outlet joined hands in punching the lady as the other male workers tried to calm the situation down. The women showed no mercy to each other and went on a punching frenzy, throwing wild swings at each other. Overpowered by the sheer number of workers, the lady fell to the floor as they continued to pound her head with heavy punches.

Her partner intervened and stood as a human shield for her as the other employees tried to control their fellow colleagues and douse the situation but such was their anger that they refused to stop trying to harm the lady. One of them gets a final blow and then moved away to the back of the counter as the lady shouted and screamed at them.

The male workers apologized to her and helped the duo lift their belongings from the floor after the chaos.

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Fast food fight ft DJ Khaled

The internet has a field day whenever such clips get viral and have a lot to say. Let’s take a look at some of their reactions!

The user here called the lady’s partner DJ Khaled, stating their uncanny resemblance.

This user made witty and sarcastic comment on the entire scuffle.

Talking about the man who got hurt for trying to protect his partner, this user shared their sympathies with him.

The woman and her partner did not get the combo meal they came for but instead were served with a combination of punches.


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This user here shared a GIF of a ‘Royal rumble’ match in WWE and said the clip reminded him of it.



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The entire scuffle that broke out was most definitely unnecessary and unwanted. The disgruntled customer had all the right to express disappointment but not to create chaos and a ruckus. As for the employees of the food joint, they too must showcase calmness and presence of mind in such situations but one can also understand their position, with the rise in such altercations across the country.

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