In the world of sports, there are a few names that are immortalized in the annals of history. Among these luminaries stands a figure who has seamlessly transcended from conquering the snowy alpine peaks to riding the summits of the waves.

This is a captivating tale of an extraordinary individual who is generally hailed as the ski racing icon. In a surprising twist, this skiing legend decided to embark on a splashing extraordinaire on his memorable day  

Daron Rahlves carving success on both snow and waves


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Alpine skiing legend Daron Rahlves has been venturing into the other realms of sports with the same level of finesse and determination that he contains for his own domain. 

Recently, the 50-year-old has posted a video on Instagram flexing his hold on the art of surfing. On September 21, Rahlves visited Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch. The ranch is a preferred place for several renowned surfers and celebs of the Hollywood town, including Vampire Diaries’ acclaimed star Nina Dobrev and his beloved Olympic snowboarder Shaun White.


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Rahlves went to the ranch as an invited guest to the Destination Red Bull experience led by James O’Brien. However, that’s not the only reason for his visit to the ranch. He also went there to celebrate his 20 years of marriage with his wife Michelle. 

Insta world goes gaga over Rahlves’ extraordinary 20th anniversary

The instaverse were amazed to see Rahlves soaring the waves. The comment section oozed admiration.

One of the users commented, “Now that’s a dang anniversary!”, referring to the extraordinary celebration the Rahlves couple had.

While another user emphasizing on the very same fact commented, “Congrats to both you and Michelle! Probably not a better way to celebrate than that🙌”

“That is epic🤙”, wrote another user complimenting Rahlves’ epic surf.

“Daymnnnnn now that’s an epic anniversary !!!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻”, wrote another fan.


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While another user wrote, “Wow just wow. How cool.”

It is as if Rahlves has just set into a journey of proving his skills at different action sports. Besides surfing at the ranch, he also caught some barrels. Few are blessed with the quality to be a master of all traits, and Rahlves is undoubtedly one of the few. 


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