A bull is known to be a ferocious and dangerous animal to deal with and the controversial sport of bull fighting is built on this very factor of danger. The thrill, adrenaline involved in a bull fight is something that a large section of people seem to enjoy quite a bit. However, time and again, there are certain instances that show just how unsafe the sport is, for players and spectators both.

The video, uploaded on Twitter, now X, by the famous page ‘CCTV IDIOTS‘ showed the moment people in the audience of a bull fight paid the price for playing with danger.

Bull goes on a violent rampage


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People trudged out of their seats in the arena and waved their flags in front of the bull, instigating and playing with it. The bull looked at multiple people waving their flags and charged aggressively in their direction but no one got hurt in that instance.


A man in a green t-shirt from the other side of the audience provoked the bull and teased it. The bull looked in his direction and without a second thought jumped over the wooden structure and into the stands.

This sent everyone in the stands into a total frenzy and people started to run away frantically. An old man was knocked out by the bull as he tried to take cover and the man in the green leaped onto the ground for safety.

There were two people on the floor unconscious as a man shouted and asked the rest to help them get to safety.

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Users left shocked at dangerous display

The internet had a lot to say about the video, especially over the behavior of the audience and their foolery. Let us grab a look at how they reacted to the madness.

This user argued for an age limit and better safety measures to make the viewing experience better.

The person here too spoke about the man in the green t-shirt and how he was lucky to be safe and sound.

Veer just questioned the entire point of this sport and the need for it to exist.

The user above called the sport too dangerous and not for his liking.


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The person here wondered how the people thought such a small structure would protect them.


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The bizarre and horrifying video showed the dangers attached with the sport and why there is so much noise to ban it, The sport has already seen a series of bans in different countries but is still widely prevalent and followed in some. Is the thrill and adrenaline worth risking an individual’s life?

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