VIDEO: UFC-Style Street Fight Ends with One Man Bru*ally Slamming Another, Causing a Twisted Arm

Published 09/26/2023, 10:30 AM EDT

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It’s not every day that you go out for a walk and end up slammed into the floor. Another street fight video went viral on the internet. This time around, both the men involved looked to get into a fight. The video ends with one man getting slammed right into the floor.

However, the video is 15 seconds long and has already amassed 463.6k views. On the naked eye, the impact looks very horrible. The man picks him up and slams him face-first into the floor.

Pick Your Opponents Wisely


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As the video starts, it is evident that both the men are physically very different. One of them is bigger compared to the other one. Also, there is a height difference as well. However, the man with the brown shorts tried to use his strength to his advantage. He grabbed the other dude and used his strength to throw him off.

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Moreover, he seemed to have some sort of fighting experience behind him. Suplexes are something that we see in UFC or wrestling matches. It’s a tough move to pull off and requires lots of power and athletic ability. Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar were the two WWE Superstars who kind of used this move in a match. However, the guy in the denim did feel the impact. We could see him struggling to walk after he got slammed, which left him with a twisted arm.

It is always better to pick your fights wisely. There are times when we choose the wrong opponents to fight with. In this situation, the whole scenario was a mismatch. The dude with jeans on had no chance of getting out of the quarrel unharmed. However, the altercation could have ended much worse for him. Hopefully, he will learn from this and be careful in the future.

Fans Have Also Reacted to the Fight

The fans on Twitter have also reacted to the incident. A few of them have also given their point of view regarding the altercation as well.

One user felt this was very similar to a WWE match, and he was watching it for free.

Bryan advises not to let a big guy get hold of you, otherwise, it’s game over.

Another user wants the Government should fund that club.

Luke commented, baffling WWE move.


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Another user commented that jeans and slippers will not allow you to do anything.

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Hopefully, both men learn to control their temper in the future. What would you do if you were in this situation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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