Nina Dobrev’s spellbinding romance with Olympic snowboarder Shaun White has just taken a step forward. The embodiment of an adventurous spirit has just gracefully transcended to Dobrev from White. The Vampire Diaries actor was recently spotted at the renowned Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch.

Let’s delve together into the world of a star who possesses a magical allure that extends beyond the silver screen. 

From the silver screen to the wave pool: Nina Dobrev owns it


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Beyond the on-screen mystical and bewitching persona of Elena Gilbert in the renowned supernatural series ‘The Vampire Diaries’, Nina Dobrev’s life boasts on her fascinating terms. 

The 34-year-old was spotted with her beloved boyfriend, retired pro snowboarder Shaun White, at the Lemoore, California wave pool.

Recently, several popular figures have been spotted riding the waves at Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch. Besides renowned surfers like Benji Weatherley, Rob Machado, and Tia Blanco, several celebrities, too, are surfing the wave pool. Dancer, Actor, and former judge of America’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’, Julianne Hough joined her friend Dobrev at the Surf Ranch. 


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Dobrev posted a few pictures and a video clip of her surfing the waves. She shared the moments of her having a good time in the water. The actress captioned the post, “Does this mean I’ve earned the right to use the chaka emoji now? 🤙🏼”.  In the same Instagram post, renowned surfer Kelly Slater commented, “More or less. ✌🏽💪🏽🤙🏽”

The post had more than 645,095 likes and more than 1k comments at the time of writing this article. In the footage posted by her, Dobrev can be seen confidently riding the waves of the pool until she falls into the waves at the end. The 34-year-old posted three glamorous pictures of her in the water in a bright pink swimsuit. 

Insta world going gaga over Dobrev’s newfound interest 

Not only netizens and fans have flooded her comment section, but renowned celebs have reacted and commented in the post.

British race car driver Lewis Hamilton wrote, “LFG Nina💪🏽”, to which Dobrev replied, “@lewishamilton, baby steps, I’m getting there. One wave at a time😅”

One of Dobrev’s fans commented, “NEENS IN HER SURFING ERA 😫😫🏄‍♀️”

Another user humorously commented, “Nina Dobrev 2024 in Paris Olympics???”.


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Actor Benjamin Hollingsworth wrote, “This looks sooo funnnnnnn”.

Another fan wrote, “you’re the coolest neens! 🏄‍♀️🌊”


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Nina Dobrev’s journey in Hollywood is nothing short of extraordinary. And now, she has successfully navigated through the treacherous waters of both the fictional world and the reality.

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